Friday, December 06, 2013

Greene preparing for final game at UConn

There have been very few offensive players who have been consistently productive for UConn in the last couple of seasons.

Certainly, junior receiver Geremy Davis has thrived as the go-to guy in the passing game and then there is Steve Greene, who will start for the 32nd and final time at left guard for the Huskies tomorrow.

Certainly emotions will be high for Greene as he suits up for the last game as a Husky.

"Being out there and being able to play with my best friends, guys that I spent the last 4½-5 years here, you make memories that you are able to have forever," Greene said.."It is probably the biggest and the best thing that I can take out of it."

After being a member of a team which posted back to back 5-7 seasons, Greene was eager to finish his career by playing in a bowl game. However, UConn's 0-9 start put an end to those aspirations.

"You look at it and it can be a little frustrating, you see how we played in the last two games, why couldn’t we do that all year?" Greene said. "I’ll take these two games and hopefully end it on a high note on Saturday."

Greene is wrapping up the educational part of his UConn experience in the next couple of weeks. He has already gone through the line at graduation picking up a sports management degree. When he decided to come back for a fifth season, he began working on getting a political science degree. He is finishing up with the four classes that he needs to earn that degree.

"It is kind of surreal,' Greene said. "Hopefully finish on track with the four classes and I am done. It is a good thing for my mom to be able to see and experience being able get two degrees from an university like this, I am glad I can do it."

After graduation Greene will head to Pittsburgh with teammate Jimmy Bennett to prepare for the NFL draft as he hopes to draw enough attention to either get drafted or get into a camp if he isn't taken in the seven rounds.


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