Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Louisville Late Show

Jared Nuss emailed me his You Tube clip regarding the blown call this afternoon. UConn should have had a touchdown on a fumbled Louisville punt, but the referee ruled it a "muffed" punt because the return man never had possession of the ball. By rule, the Huskies couldn't advance the ball and were awarded possession where Terry Baltimore picked up the ball. What should have been a touchdown only wound up as three points. Probably didn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things, but UConn has been victim of some lousy officiating the last few weeks. I asked Randy Edsall about the "muff" call in the postgame press conference. He thought about it for a moment, looking like he really wanted to speak his mind, then said he would decline comment. Seeing this clip certainly won't ease his pain.

Jared, by the way, also made the outstanding highlight clip from the Pitt win. Great work. Keep 'em coming...well, for next season.

A few more thoughts before I get back to a great Rutgers/West Virginia game on the tube.

  • Doesn't anyone want to play Ohio State for the national championship? Louisville and Rutgers (along with about a half dozen others) must be kicking themselves at how close they were to playing for the title. If Rutgers doesn't lay an egg against Cincinnati, they could be playing for the spot tonight. I hate to say it, but it looks like it will be Michigan in a rematch unless Florida can put Arkansas away.

  • How much do Louisville fans want West Virginia to beat Rutgers tonight? They cranked a Mountaineer Stadium staple - John Denver's "Country Road" - at Papa John's Stadium immediately after the game today. It's roughly the equivalent of the Red Sox playing "New York, New York" in Fenway Park.

  • Two representatives from the Orange Bowl (looking inconspicuous in bright orange sports jackets) stopped outside the UConn locker room after the game to chat with Edsall, presumably to pick his brain about the Big East team that will likely be headed to Miami.

  • Edsall threw support behind Louisville for a BCS spot, even if the Cardinals don't win the Big East. Every UConn player I spoke with agreed Louisville was easily the best team they faced this season.


Anonymous thehotseat said...

Ahhhh that's better.

Something tells me I'll be getting quite warm by signing day.

December 03, 2006 1:12 AM 

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