Saturday, November 25, 2006

Post mortem from the Runway

Ugh. Losses don't get much harder to take than that. The final 8 minutes was a microcosm of the entire season for UConn. Troubles on special teams. Offense firing blanks with a chance to put the game away. Defense allowing the big play at the wrong time. It's getting old. Here's a few postgame notes...
  • D.J. Hernandez's wrist injury will end his season. It's fractured. Edsall said he expects D.J. to have a cast put on Sunday, where it will remain for the next eight weeks. Matt Bonislawski will start against Louisville. Pray he doesn't get hurt. His backup next week? None other than cornerback Darius Butler.
  • Deon Anderson pinched a nerve and is questionable for next week. Anthony Barksdale will start if Deon is unavailable. There were no other injuries to report.
  • UConn has now missed three PAT's this season. The other seven teams in the Big East have combined to miss three.
  • Butler got burned on two crucial pass plays, but you have to give credit to Bearcats WR Derrick Stewart. That 50-yard reception which set up the winning field goal was impressive. He went full extension at full speed to haul in a ball that traveled 50 yards in the air.
  • Dumb question of the day went to the reporter who asked Stewart (nine catches, 166 yards, one TD) if UConn's defense frustrated him. Stewart's one word response? No.


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