Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Must-see You Tube clip

Received a couple of emails on this already this morning, so just to clarify Randy Edsall has twice said Mike Hicks is definitely out for Syracuse (on the Sunday conference call and again at Tuesday's lunch). He also implied he didn't think it looked good for Hicks to get back by the season finale at Louisville. Here's the full story from today's Register. Guess there's a conflicting report out there somewhere.

Also, someone just sent me this You Tube link from Saturday's win against Pitt. It's a highlight clip set to a Rage Against the Machine song. Pretty good stuff. Check it out.

EDIT: The song title is "Guerilla Radio". Thanks to Leigh Torbin at UConn for that. Leigh is a music afficianado who spices up the weekly football media notes with a variety of song references that would make Casey Kasem proud.


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