Friday, November 24, 2006

A few things to mull over and the weekly picks

Are you jammed full of turkey, too? Here's 6 things to think about on the always uncomfortable Friday morning after Thanksgiving.

  • I saw the trailer for Rocky Balboa yesterday, the sixth installment of Stallone's Rocky franchise. A little math for you. Rocky came out in 1976. Stallone was 30 years old at the time. It's now 2006. Sly is 60. Sixty! And he's still playing Rocky. Burgess Meredith was 69 when he portrayed Mickey in the original, and he was "a broken down battle axe" trainer back then. This should be interesting. The movie isn't due out until Christmas time. However, early reviews are that this is the best film since the original. I'm still skeptical after the farce that was Rocky V. But I'll definitely drag my wife to go see it.

  • I really need to drop Cablevision for DirectTV or something. Greediest cable service in America. A few years ago they deprived me of an entire season of Yankees baseball because they couldn't come to terms with the YES Network. Now, it looks like the same thing is happening with the NFL Network, which is picking up some key Thursday and Saturday games down the stretch. I must say I'm probably more annoyed at the NFL for this move. How much longer before the four major networks are out of the NFL picture altogether?

  • Hall of Fame boxer Willie Pep passed away Thursday at the age of 84. Most folks in Connecticut may not realize Pep is one of the top 5 athletes to ever come out of this state. Ask any boxing expert and they'll tell you Pep was, pound-for-pound, one of the greatest fighters who ever lived. The former featherweight champ was 230-11-1 in his career, and once won 63 bouts in a row. He was born in Middletown and boxed thoughout the state, even at the height of his career.

  • I stopped for gas on the drive home from Syracuse last Sunday and filled up across the street from the Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, N.Y. I actually know two members - Gaspar Ortega, a world-class welterweight in the 1950s and 1960s, now trains young boxers in New Haven. Russell Peltz, a famous Philadelphia promoter, has up-and-coming New Haven middleweight Elvin Ayala on his client list. I was also thinking about Pep and a few other Connecticut fighters I wanted to check out. But I couldn't get in because they place was closed...on a Sunday. I did giggle at Graziano's Roadway Inn and Gelato shop, which was also across the street.

  • Among the potential recruits who will be attending Saturday's UConn-Cincinnati game at Storrs is junior college quarterback Billy Bob Orsagh of Highland (Kansas) CC. Orsagh is from Texas and is an athletic, if undersized (6-1, 180) passer. He was the Jayhawk Conference Offensive Player of the Year this fall after 2,100 yards passing and 13 TDs. He's also a strong student. Sounds like he could help the Huskies right away. And who doesn't want a quarterback named Billy Bob?

  • The Cowboys really have something in Tony Romo. I was impressed watching him pick apart the Buccaneers defense for 300 yards and five touchdowns yesterday. I'm even more impressed that he's already landing 'A' list dates. He's seeing Jessica Simpson.

  • The referee of the Oklahoma-Oregon game admitted he blew a call on a pivotal on-sides kick that allowed Oregon to score the winning TD in a 34-33 victory over the Sooners. Last I heard, Matt Nuzie was still waiting for his apology after his 45-yard field goal at Syracuse was ruled no good.

Ugly week for the picks. I went 4-7, falling below the Mendoza line again at 58-61-5 for the season. No one else did very well, either. Let's check out the picks for this weekend.

Game 1: CONNECTICUT (+4) over Cincinnati - I've said all along the Bearcats were a very good team who was especially proficient at covering the spread. But they haven't been favored on the road all season.

Game 2: South Florida (+21.5) over WEST VIRGINIA - Bulls should be able to stay within three touchdowns, but it won't be easy.

Game 3: RUTGERS (+14.5) over Syracuse - After his four interceptions against Cincinnati, Mike Teel has now tossed 23 picks in less than two seasons. But Rice and Leonard are still pretty good.

Game 4: Louisville (-11.5) over PITTSBURGH - Think the honeymoon is over for Dave Wannestadt in Pittsburgh? I think so.

Game 5: Oklahoma (-6) over OKLAHOMA STATE

Game 6: Georgia Tech (+2) over GEORGIA

Game 7: MARYLAND (-1.5) over Wake Forest

Game 8: Florida (-10) over FLORIDA STATE

Game 9: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (-7) over Notre Dame

Game 10: HAWAII (-18) over Purdue - The lesson? Never bet against Hawaii at home.

Get your picks in by clicking the 'comments' key below.


Blogger Chip Malafronte said...

Chip's picks
Game 1: CONNECTICUT (+4) over Cincinnati
Game 2: South Florida (+21.5) over WEST VIRGINIA
Game 3: RUTGERS (+14.5) over Syracuse
Game 4: Louisville (-11.5) over PITTSBURGH
Game 5: Oklahoma (-6) over OKLAHOMA STATE
Game 6: Georgia Tech (+2) over GEORGIA
Game 7: MARYLAND (-1.5) over Wake Forest
Game 8: Florida (-10) over FLORIDA STATE
Game 9: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (-7) over Notre Dame
Game 10: HAWAII (-18) over Purdue

November 24, 2006 10:41 AM 
Blogger beisbolct said...

Let's see if anyone crack .500 this week

Notre Dame


November 24, 2006 11:34 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Cincy
2. WVU
3. Rutgers
4. Louisville
5. OK State
6. Georgia
7. Maryland
8. FSU
9. USC
10. Hawaii

-- Manny

November 24, 2006 11:44 AM 
Blogger UConnHuskies86 said...

My picks of the games you selected..
CT +4
Pitt +11.5
OK -6
GA -2
Fla State +10
USC -7
Purdue +18

Also, on DirecTV. I have had it since '97 and one thing they do well is get the new networks fast (ESPNU, NFL Network). But, it can get expensive - they charge extra for HD channels for example; ~$10 month for their HD package which includes ESPNHD and ESPN2HD. I think on cable that service is no extra charge. But, for a new subscriber, you can probably get a good deal. And, it does go dark during heavy thunderstorms/rain. Though it does not happen that often, it is very annoying when it does happen.

November 24, 2006 1:46 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK State
Ga Tech
Notre Dame

November 24, 2006 4:17 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

more info on Billybob, please?

who else is recruiting billybob? what would billybob mean for DJ? could billy bob start next year?

uconn needs a division i-a quarterback if it wants to get back to a bowl game.

November 24, 2006 7:27 PM 

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