Sunday, December 03, 2006

Edsall's final Sunday media call of 2006

Exhaustion. That's what I'm feeling. Not just from a day spent in airports and cramped on planes. It's been a long season. Eighteen weeks, to be exact. Eighteen weeks of two-and-a-half hour roundtrip drives to New Haven to Storrs, teleconferences, interviews, writing, airline travel and every other controversy (and there were a lot this season) that seemed to sprout up from nowhere. I'm just tired, and looking forward to two weeks of vacation starting a week from today.

But I'm not signing off from the blog just yet. I still plan to have a little fun this week before I take my break. And before I fall asleep tonight, let me give a quick recap of Randy Edsall's media call from this afternoon.

  1. Robert McClain and Robert Vaughn were the only true freshmen whose redshirts were burned because of injuries/suspensions/dismissals. Edsall said all the others who played would have done so no matter what.
  2. Edsall says the quarterback position is wide open. For now, presumably (see next note), that means its either D.J. or Dennis Brown starting at spring practice. Whether a Juco transfer enters the equation remains to be seen. Cody Endres won't join the fray until August. As a true frosh, its unlikely he'll challenge, but who knows? Edsall said the competition will be healthy, and said he expected more production out of the position this season. "We ran the ball well, but the passing game wasn't what we needed it to be."
  3. Edsall said two or three position changes have already been made, though he wouldn't elaborate. One man's guess: D.J. won't be moved. The Huskies can't afford it at this point with only two scholarship QBs. I would venture an offensive lineman or two has been volleyed over to help with the depleted defensive line i.e. defensive tackle. UConn will also be extremely deep at linebacker, and one of them could be moved somewhere.
  4. Edsall revealed how he voted in the poll...1. Ohio State. 2. Michigan. 3. Florida. 4. Louisville. 5. LSU. His reasoning? The Wolverines only lost by three to the No. 1 team. Personally, I like the Florida-OSU title matchup. Michigan already had a crack at the Buckeyes and lost. Let the SEC champs have at 'em.

That's all for now. But stay tuned. I'll be back with more posts and (perhaps) news this week.


Anonymous Alex said...


I enjoyed your coverage this season. I still find your blog to be more interesting than your articles for some reason.

I hope Randy Edsall can continue bringing in great athletes like Donald Brown, Lindsey Witten, Brad Kanuch and Terrence Jeffers. Better athletes might mitigate the effects of bad playcalling in the long run.

Can't wait till next season. Following this team is frustrating but fun.


December 04, 2006 10:33 AM 

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