Monday, January 06, 2014

UConn's Diaco thrilled with his coaching staff

UConn football coach Bob Diaco appeared on the radio show of UConn women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma and the two gregarious coaches put on an entertaining show at Geno's Grille at Storrs Center.

Afterward Diaco discussed the formation of his coaching staff which was announced earlier today.

"It is an awesome staff, it is an honor to be with these guys for me . Some guys from different backgrounds, some guys that have different expertise's but they are all the same guy. They are good people that love coaching and teaching college football. They are loyal and trustworthy; they are all communicators.

"We met for the first time last night when they got on campus. We got together as a (staff) today for the first time and as I sat there and said to them ‘you guys don’t really know each other but I love every one of you and I am confident that you guys are going to love each other. You are really all the game guy.' We have somebody on the staff who is in the 60s, somebody who is his 30s...

"A lot of guys go different ways. They have their own formulas, some guys won’t hire anybody that they already know. The ones that I have grown to enjoy and the model, the Hayden Fry model, the Bob Stoops model, higher guys you know, hire guys you love, hire guys you trust."

Here's some more from Diaco.

"You know when nobody’s watching, how they are going to act. We have three more spots so we are still working so don’t jinx us. Director of Football Operations, Director of Player Personnel and a Director of Strength and Conditioning and there is nobody more important than that hire. We are looking to build on the momentum we have right now.

"The way the pieces fit together are really pretty interesting. It was really well thought out in terms of who was balancing who.

"It was a dead sprint from 4:30 a.m. until now. Actually it was like two wheels coming around the corner to get here and I feel like I could go back and work – I don’t know how many more hours are in this game. It is a lot of work right now and it is a labor of love.

"Get to know the team and recruiting, there is really no time for anything else. It is needs and what the group looked like in terms of the players who are committed and how we are going to assimilate into that piece."



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