Monday, January 06, 2014

Closer look at UConn's assistant coaches

Kevin Wolthausen, seen during his time as an Atlanta Falcons assistant, is part of new UConn staff
Obviously there's a lot of information to go through with the eight new assistant coaches brought in by new head coach Bob Diaco. I thought the most interesting part of the staff he put together is that every coach he brought in is somebody he worked with. So I decided to break it down. The listing of time spent on a staff or staffs with Diaco is in bold type

Coach (Alma Mater)                                Reponsibilities                                         Yrs as college coach                  
Vincent Brown (Miss. Valley St. ’88) Co-Defensive coordinator/linebackers 7
Virginia ‘07
Mike Cummings (Buffalo ’84)                 Offensive coordinator/tight ends               27
E. Michigan ‘00-01; W. Michigan ‘04
Mike Foley (Colgate ’78)                         Offensive line                                               35
Ernest Jones (Alcorn St. ’95)                 Running backs/player engagement               13
C. Michigan ’05; Notre Dame ’12-13
Wayne Lineburg (Virginia ’96)                 Special Teams/wide receivers                        19
Virginia ’07-08
Don Patterson (Army ’73)                 Associate HC/quarterbacks                        35
Iowa ‘96-97; W. Illinois ‘99-00
Anthony Poindexter (Virginia ’99)         Defensive coordinator/safeties                        11
Virginia ’06-08
Josh Reardon (C. Michigan ’06) Co-Special Teams coordinator/cornerbacks       8
Notre Dame ’12-13
Kevin Wolthausen (Humboldt St. ’81) Recruiting coordinator/defensive line              25
E. Michigan ‘02


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