Saturday, September 03, 2011

Fordham post-game notes

Some post-game notes and quotes...

  • It's still a quarterback competition, or so says Paul Pasqualoni. On Friday, he entered the quarterback meeting and informed Johnny McEntee, Scott McCummings and Michael Nebrich that all would be used today. The plan was for McEntee to play the first and third, with Nebrich the second and fourth and McCummings spotting in and out, mainly to run, throughout.

  • Nebrich wasn't so sure about the competition still being open. He thinks McEntee separated himself the pack today. "If the coaches want to play both of us, that's fine," Nebrich said. "I have to prepare like I'm going to play. Johnny played a great game, but I'm still going to push myself. I'm going to keep practicing like the competition is still open no matter what the decision is."

    • McEntee, who, by all accounts of those in the know, has had the edge in the competition for the past couple of weeks, wasn't about to proclaim the job as his. "I think we all did pretty well," he said.

    • D.J. Shoemate sprained an ankle in practice on Thursday. No one was sure how serious it was, but coaches determined he wasn't ready to go in the pregame today. Lyle McCombs found out he would get the start during stretches. He responded well, with 141 yards rushing and four touchdowns. Pasqualoni expects Shoemate to be ready this week, and it seems likely that if he's healthy he'll play against Vanderbilt.

    • How much did McCombs change the coaches' minds with his effort today? That remains to be seen. Pasqualoni said the competition will be "all the more fierce" with Shoemate, Jonathan Jean-Louis and McCombs this week.

    • McCombs had 24 carries today, numbers similar to what Jordan Todman did last season (and Donald Brown two years before that). Todman, despite a solid frame, answered questions about whether he was up to that kind of load much of the early season. McCombs, just 172 pounds, was asked the same today, and I liked his feisty answer. "What do you think?" he said. "I got banged up pretty good today, but I'm OK."

    • The changing quarterbacks had a negative effect on the overall offensive tempo. Pasqualoni said he'd like to see UConn play faster going forward. He also feels the team needs to improve on the punt return, though he was pleased with protection and kickoff return.

    • Pasqualoni has instituted a new dress code for home games. Players, who usually wore team-issue sweats to Rentschler, are required to wear dress pants and ties. Most of the guys looked like they just stepped off a yacht (or, as Spalding from Caddyshack might say, a scotch ad) with blue blazers, khakis and boat shoes. Nebrich had the "collegiate" look of a navy blue sweater vest over his dress shirt and tie, a look made famous by Boys 2 Men (or by Will Ferrell and the fraternity prior to the academic competition in "Old School"). Dave Teggart (sporting the yachting look) said punter Cole Wagner accidentally dropped $185 on a tie, not realizing what he did until checking the receipt well after the purchase.

    • How about Fordham going with the quick kick on third down? The last time that play was used in football, Vince Lombardi was still playing at Fordham. Actually, that's a lie. My high school team did it once, though it was by mistake.


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