Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene can't stop the media...some Monday notes

There's nothing like an ice cold shower to get the juices flowing early in the morning. I also enjoyed brewing coffee on my grill and driving underneath the 1,000-pound tree limb still hanging from the power lines to get out of my driveway. Thanks, Irene!! Actually, I didn't enjoy any of that. But thanks, anyway, you uppity weather system.

Lots of notes from today's media gathering. No lunch, but there was an option offered for a hot shower. Should have brought my soap.

  • Everyone from Pasqualoni to George DeLeone to the three quarterbacks insists no decision has been made on who will start Thursday at QB. But everyone recited the mantra that all three are ready if needed, and it certainly sounded like at least two will be used -- though that may well be because Fordham could (should) prove to be little more than a glorified exhibition game.

  • The scuttlebutt from those in the know is that Johnny McEntee has "the edge". But it sounds as if none of the three have been notified, and aren't expecting to know until the 11th hour.

  • DeLeone says that the learning curve with the three quarterbacks is unusually wide since they're so young and inexperienced. "The great quarterbacks that I've been around have to learn to study on their own, to learn to watch film on their own, take points in the game plan and hone in on watching those specific things important to their position," DeLeon said. "These guys are young. It's like they've got to be told, coached on every step of the way. That's where we are with this bunch."

  • DeLeone on the QBs: "McCummings is a tremendously conscientious kid. John McEntee is a guy that really has never gotten a chance in his career here; no matter how well he does, someone else is going to surpass him. He's never really been given a chance. In our situation, he's been given a tremendous chance, and he's done some good things. Mike Nebrich is a talented guy, obviously the youngest of the bunch. Has good potential. How far he can come in a short period of time will be in question. His last high school game was the last game he played."

  • The core of the offense will be the same for all three quarterbacks, DeLeone said, meaning nothing changes dramatically with the less-mobile McEntee at the helm. "I think the issue is going to be what individual plays can best suit each one of the three's talents," DeLeone said. "That's why I'm a big advocate of installing a multiple offense. Once you install it, you can pick from a menu that suits not only your team's abilities, but your quarterbacks."

  • D.J. Shoemate understands why he earned a reputation as a fumbler last season, but doesn't agree. He says it's never been an issue with him and that he took extra steps to prevent it from becoming an issue again this year. He worked hard on improving his ball-carrying technique -- high and tight. "When you get that reputation, I felt I had to do something about it," Shoemate said. "It helps to get more reps. The more reps, the more familiar you are."

  • Shoemate said he first met McEntee at the start of 8th grade back in their native Southern California. "I had a 13-inch afro," said Shoemate, who, he noted, is now sports the cue-ball look. During one of the first practices, Shoemate kicked a 50-yard field goal. McEntee remembered it well. "I was like, oh my God, who is this kid?" McEntee said. "We're 11 years old, and he has a beard."

  • Seems like Connecticut is a long (and obscure) choice for a quarterback from Southern California to come without a scholarship. But McEntee said he didn't have any other options, aside from some Division III schools near his hometown. Some UConn coaches were attending a convention in California, and word got to McEntee that they were looking for a scout team quarterback. He jumped at it, and now has a chance to become the starter.

  • Wallingford's Brett Biestek is listed as the backup outside linebacker for Fordham, and at 6-foot-4, 265 pounds is only about 10 pounds smaller than some of their offensive and defensive linemen. Biestek was a tremendous athlete at Sheehan, where he set school records as a passing quarterback for the football team, all the rebounding records on a basketball team that won the Class M state title and won the Class MM shot put in outdoor track.
  • That's it. Time to head home. No cable, no internet. Guess it's time for another classic from my DVD collection to play on the freshly juiced lap top. Anyone else up for Red Dawn?


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