Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sio Moore is fine (and has great taste in eyewear)

Got a couple of funny looks driving through campus this afternoon. Guess it’s not cool to crank Dio on the car stereo anymore. Then again, I suppose that was never cool.

  • Sio Moore didn’t practice today. He walked a bit gingerly along the sidelines. Coach Pasqualoni said he would be fine, and is expected back “in a day or two”. On a side note, he wears the same glasses frames as me. Got them in Malaysia. Didn’t think anyone else had ‘em.

  • Pasqualoni then said he’s not going to give injury information, at least with those of the non-serious variety. “If someone is out for the season,” Pasqualoni said. “We’ll let you guys know.” So, be ready for less info on the injury front.

  • Corey Manning also not practicing. Sean McQuillan left early after getting dinged.
    Isiah Moore had a nice day, catching a long pass and using his legs to turn another into a long gainer.

  • Punters Cole Wagner and Chad Christen exchanged ceiling-scrapers in the Shenkman Center.

  • If it’s me, the depth chart of quarterback is Nebrich, then Box OR McEntee, then McCummings. Of course, it’ll probably change next practice.

  • If you’re looking for a decision on the quarterbacks, don’t expect any news for a while. Pasqualoni said he’s enjoying the fight, and what that brings out of the players. “It’s been a fierce competition,” Pasqualoni said. “Let’s keep it going.”

  • McCummings and Nebrich got the bulk of the work today, though there’s nothing to read into that. Just part of the practice rotation. The linebackers got a little extra work in, as well, especially Mike Osiecki, Jefferson Ashiru and Marquise Vann in the middle with Sio out today. A decision will be made by the end of next week as to who will redshirt, Pasqualoni said. Osiecki, a redshirt last fall, will play, at least on special teams, right away.

  • Pasqualoni is impressed with Nick Williams’ ability to make plays, as well as how fast he plays in practice/game situations. It’s a big reason UConn will look to get him the ball more in offensive sets. “I don’t know what his 40 time is,” Pasqualoni said. “It might be 5.0. But his playing speed is pretty good.”

  • That's it. "Holy Diver" is cued up and ready to roll. They just don't make lead singers like Ronnie James Dio any more.


    Anonymous junglehusky said...

    Thanks for the updates. A little mystery is fine for the QB race, and maybe even for the first couple games, as long as one guy puts his stamp on the starting job. We don't want to see that ESPN graphic featuring all the QB starter changes dating back to Lorenzen again this year.

    Also... Iron Maiden > Dio, though Holy Diver is a fine album.

    August 17, 2011 11:09 AM 
    Blogger Chip Malafronte said...

    No arguments here. I'll take Maiden over almost anyone. Bruce Dickinson and Dio are in the same class as vocalists.

    August 17, 2011 12:27 PM 

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