Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Starting quarterback will be game time announcement

Much like the pool at Bushwood Country Club on Caddie Day (caddies welcome! 1:00-1:15) today's "open" practice had only a limited viewing window for the media. So, not a lot of color with today's notes, but there is some news.

  • UConn's quarterback situation seems to be sorting itself out, even though Paul Pasualoni isn't willing to give up any information. Mike Box, it appears, is out of the running. He ran the scout team offense today. "We haven't finalized the decision yet," Pasqualoni said. "It will probably be a game-time announcement, so you guys are going to have to wait until pre-game warm up."

  • Pasqualoni later added that he's delaying an announcement because "No. 1, we want to be sure, and No. 2 why give out information if you don't have to? I'd rather collect it than give it out."

  • Jesse Joseph didn't practice today, a brace covering his knee, but it's not believed to be season-ending. Pasqualoni, who won't say much on injuries this year, either, said Joseph is "bumped up, but we're expecting him back."

  • At least six linebackers, "probably seven", will dress for games and be part of the rotation. Some will be core special teams players. Sio Moore, Yawin Smallwood and Jory Johnson are the starters, with Mike Osiecki, Dave Kenney, Andrew Opoku, Marquise Vann and Jefferson Ashiru as the backups. "We'll have some depth there," Pasqualoni said. "It's just inexperience."

  • D.J. Shoemate says he feels as fast as he ever has, and has gotten leaner and in better "running back shape" since spring practice. From what we've seen, he's looked like he's ready to handle a full load. Still, Jonathan-Jean Louis could work his way into some sets and Lyle McCombs could be used in third-down situations.

  • My opinion on the quarterbacks still hasn't changed, though I didn't see anything today, anyway. Nebrich, then McEntee (but wouldn't be surprised if both played in the opener), then McCummings, then Box.


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