Friday, August 12, 2011

Media day at Shenkman

A couple of notes from today's media day at the Shenkman Center.

  • The first scrimmage took place Thursday, but no decisions have been made at quarterback. All four will continue to be evaluated with no time table or plan to pare the competition down. Pasqualoni said anything is possible, which includes using more than one quarterback.

  • Pasqualoni is hoping to have linebacker Jerome Williams and tailback Martin Hyppolite back by Oct. 1. That's the target date, whether it happens or not depends on how quickly they heal.

  • With the transfer of Malik Generett, the Huskies are down to seven wide receivers. There's quality, just not quantity. Pasqualoni said he had some ideas about defensive players who might be able to do double duty, although offensive coordinator George DeLeone later said he didn't think it was necessary. "I don't think we're that desperate," DeLeone said. "We can move on because we have so many personnel groupings, if it doesn't work out with three wide receivers we can do it with two tight ends, three tight ends, we can do it with running backs. We have enough flexibility in our system we can get into what we need to get into with the number of receivers we have."

  • Kashif Moore said he was surprised by the decisions of Leon Kinnard, Gerrard Sheppard and Generett to transfer, but understood it was a personal decision for all three. "We still have good depth at wide receiver," Moore said. "I was telling the younger guys, this is a great opportunity for them to play early."

  • The names have returned to the backs of the jerseys. It's not exactly large-type lettering, so I'm not sure fans in the stands are going to see them. But was a great help to me today on media day.


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