Saturday, September 25, 2010

Post-Buffalo notes

Your postgame notes:
  • Edsall said the decision to remove Frazer with Endres was a "gut feeling". He could see what was (or wasn't) happening with the offense and noticed "how people are responding to certain things," Edsall said. "You also look at the field position we had and weren't doing anything with it. A lot of times it's a gut feeling, and I think I've been doing this a long time and have a pretty good gut; and understand the ebb and flow of a game. I just felt it was time and necessary."

  • Endres will be the starting quarterback from here on out, Edsall confirmed. "I have a lot of faith in myself and in my game," Endres said. "I didn't feel rusty all week. I'm pretty confident in myself."

  • Said Edsall of Endres, "I think the ball was coming out a little bit quicker. I don't know if the guys were working harder, or there was more energy. But I think the reads were more decisive and the balls were coming out quicker. He's got to keep improving, and don't hold the ball. That's the big thing with him. If it's not there, throw it away."

  • Frazer was requested for the post-game interviews, but Edsall vetoed that. "It's my decision," Edsall said. "Blame me. He's not going to come in here and speak."

  • Edsall blistered the Huskies in the locker room after a brutal first half. Apparently, it was a Hall of Fame-worthy tirade. "I can't tell you what I said," Edsall said, in complete seriousness. "Really. If I have to do what I did at halftime today any more, I'm not going to be living much longer. I told them afterward men, if I have to do that again, it's a shame. It really is."

  • Said Sio Moore of Edsall's rant, "You could see the passion in his eyes. He needed to bring some 'E' out of us. When you see coach that fired up, you can't help but get fired up yourself."

  • It's more than better accuracy with Endres. The players respond to him better they do with Frazer. Edsall said it, the players said it. "Cody is one of those guys, some guys have the ability to rally guys and create an influence on people." Said receiver Michael Smith, "When Cody is in the zone, his ball has more zip and is very catchable....Cody always has fun when he's out there. That brings out the best in guys. He's always calm."

  • Endres was third on the depth chart, taking one rep compared to two for Mike Box and four for Frazer right up until Wednesday. Midway through practice, Box took a sack in a 2-minute drill and Edsall went to Endres, who promptly marched the team upfield. The choice was made to make him the No. 2 quarterback on the spot. It also solidified, in Edsall's mind, that Endres was game-ready. "I knew in my mind if things weren't going good," Edsall said. "As a coach you have to make the tough decisions. I made it, thank goodness it worked out. Thank goodness Cody came in and did what he did. I'm not sure we could have gotten done what we got done if I didn't make that switch."

  • Among the other moves made Saturday: Robbie Frey will handle the bulk of tailback carries as long as Todman as out. He was banged up in practice, but had full clearance to play, Edsall said, which is why he originally was slated only for special teams duty. When Shoemate stalled, Edsall went to Frey, who got the job done with 112 yards on 13 carries.

  • Sio Moore was elevated to starting middle linebacker ahead of Greg Lloyd mid-week, and he came through with 16 tackles and an interception. Mike Lang and Jerome Junior are now the starting safeties. "What you saw out there defensively is the way we're going to go," Edsall said.


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