Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Endres, Frazer speak about playing quarterback

Spoke to a few players. Here's some more from today.
  • Zach Frazer is confident he'll remain the UConn quarterback, and says his attitude isn't changing with the return of Cody Endres from suspension. "There's always the pressure of another guy coming in," Frazer said. "I'm confident in myself, and I'm not going to let that happen. It's my senior year, and I worked hard for this. I'm not about to let it slip away."

  • Will having Endres back help Frazer? "I mean, he's back," Frazer said. "There's always competition. Mike Box was competing for the spot too. It's never yours. I'm not worried at all. I'm going to play the way I played to get into this position."

  • I asked Frazer about his film session after the Temple game, and he said it reaffirmed what he felt had happened during the game. In other words, he knew he was making mistakes as they happened, including misreads of the defense. "It will help me correct what I saw on the field," Frazer said. "You can learn from it. I'm not going to make the same mistake twice."

  • Endres knows he made a mistake, and regrets whatever it was he did to get suspended. He also said his frustrations about being the backup "had nothing to do with the suspension." He could obviously could transfer somewhere else and be the starter, but he said he is invested at UConn and committed to the program. "I think we have something special here," Endres said. "Going into this year there were a lot of big expectations, and I think we can still full those expectations. We haven't started Big East play yet and a Big East championship is not a long shot, it's something we are striving to do. I think we can do it."

  • Endres said he was disappointed at not winning the starter's job last season, and felt strongly enough about it to seek out Edsall to discuss the situation. "The fire's always been there to be the No. 1 quarterback. "I was extremely disappointed when I wasn't given the chance going into the spring last year. I've done everything I possibly could do aside from this little misstep here. I think I can help this team. I asked him why going into the spring last year, and he said it was a gut decision. I respect coach Edsall immensely, and you have to go with what he says. I was disappointed with it, but I'm doing everything possible to get back out there and help."

  • Endres said he spent the month off working five days a week with one of the UConn coaches, and considers himself in peak physical condition. He kept his arm loose by throwing three to four times per week, occasionally getting Isiah Moore to run routes for him. He also recruited Erik Kuraczea, though he admits Kuraczea was a little slower getting through a route than the UConn receivers, so he just ran the top of the routes.

  • Frazer hasn't thrown any interceptions this season, but Edsall said he'd like to see him take some more chances. "We've talked to him about hey, go out and throw the ball, don't be so cautious about not throwing interceptions," Edsall said. "He's not throwing the interceptions, but he has to be more accurate with some of the plays we have. ... I don't want him to be John Wayne. I don't want him to John Wayne it out there and letting it fly. We've seen when that happens. There's a happy medium. He's been here long enough to know what has to happen to go out and play with the poise and confidence and decisiveness that we've seen him play with before."


Anonymous Pete said...

"gut decision"?? There's the whole problem. Edsall should've used his head and seen the Endres has always been the more consistent QB.

September 21, 2010 2:20 PM 
Anonymous Tommytwotimez said...

Not so sure how many places Endres can transfer to and be the starter. Maybe a D-II like Southern (although they usually have good QBs) or a 1-AA like Sacred Heart but he's not going to many BCS teams and starting. The o-line and offense will be better with Kurazea (ansonia) because No. 66 the first teamer in front of him) is not very good.

September 21, 2010 7:26 PM 

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