Sunday, September 19, 2010

Change coming at quarterback?

From today's teleconference with Randy Edsall...

  • The passing game is being reevaluated, and changes could be on the way. "The depth chart will be different," Edsall said. "You'll see that on Tuesday." Does that mean Frazer is out as the starting quarterback? Maybe. Edsall wouldn't be specific, but it sounds as if the idea is being kicked around. "We're running the ball well," Edsall said. "What we've got to do is get more production in the passing game. Whichever quarterback can give us that production, and make the right reads, and deliver the ball on time, not throw the interceptions...We should be more productive in the passing game than what we are."

  • Edsall was definitely more down on the quarterback play then the wide receivers. "We could have been much more productive in the passing game yesterday if we just made the correct reads, and put the ball where it should have been thrown," Edsall said. "Every week we're constantly evaluating the guys, and if there are moves to be made, we're going to do it. The receivers, what they have to do is run the precise routes and when the ball comes their way secure the ball and make the catch. They're only half of the equation when it comes to the passing game."

  • If there is a change at starting quarterback, it will be Box. I don't expect Cody Endres, coming out of the dog house, to be inserted into the starter's role after missing a month due to suspension. Of course, the change on the depth chart Edsall mentions may simply be Endres to No. 2, either alone or as an 'OR' with Box. But there's no doubt that Edsall is disappointed with Frazer's performance.

  • The changes we saw Saturday on the defensive line will be permanent. Kendall Reyes slid down to defensive end, with Shamar Stephen in at tackle. Twyon Martin and Jesse Joseph remain at the other tackle and end. Trevardo Williams will play at end in passing situations. "We've got the best combination we could have in terms of the defensive line," Edsall said. "This team is still a work in progress when you look at some things, but one thing I feel good about, I thought Shamar did well, and Kendall did well there on the end. That's the direction we're going to go. Those are our four best on the defensive line. We feel good about it as a defensive staff."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad Endres is in the doghouse, because he is much readier to take over than Box. He was good in his games last year, but with one exception - takes too many sacks. If they can correct that, the rest will fall into place. WE WANT CODY!

September 19, 2010 10:24 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

about time frazier goes...

September 20, 2010 7:45 AM 

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