Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Edsall on demotion's of Frazer, Lloyd

Early Tuesday notes from Edsall...

  • Mike Box is the No. 2 quarterback, Zach Frazer is third, and that's the direction UConn will go from here on out. It's not a matter of just trying to get Box more practice reps. It's a matter of productivity, and Frazer hasn't been very productive with his time. "If something happens to Cody, Mike Box is going in the game," Edsall said. He also said barring an injury, there's little chance Frazer can work his way back up to second team this week. "We don't look at who's a senior, who's a junior. It comes down to who's the best guy. The best guys will play. If we looked at it a different way, I wouldn't be fair to the team. ... We feel good with where we're at with the depth chart."

  • Edsall met with all three quarterbacks on Sunday to let them know where they stood on the depth chart. Frazer, not surprisingly, didn't agree with the change. "But he understands," Edsall said. "We told him he has to be ready to go because you never know when his number might get called again."

  • Edsall has said it before, but the decision to upgrade Sio Moore and send Greg Lloyd to the second team. The best guys are going to play, and Lloyd hasn't been productive. "It didn't look like Greg is moving real well, and he's not making the plays we thought he could make," Edsall said. "We saw him make those plays in practice, but it's a while different dynamic when you get on Broadway."

  • Edsall on Sio Moore's performance against Buffalo, "He did OK, but let's not crown him Dick Butkus yet," Edsall said. "He has some things to work on. I think Sio would tell you the same thing. He was productive, but he wasn't as efficient and exact as he needed to be."

  • Edsall says he is "pretty confident" Lutrus will play at some point this season.

  • To help with the tailback depth, Martin Hyppolite was moved back there from his linebacker experiement. He's played there before, Edsall said, unlike first-year TB J-J Louis. Anthony Sherman will also be used there if more injuries happen. Edsall wants to save Lyle McCombs redshirt, but won't hesitate to move.

.....more to come


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just don't get the Frazer "demotion". There are way too many mistakes being made by this team to make Zach the fall guy. What gives with Edsall's morales and preaching about "doing the right things (on & off the field)" and "it take a team to win". No doubt Frazer "didn't agree" with RE's decision. If that way my boss - I would have told him to "shove it". Can't you get an interview with Zach? There has got to be more to this story.

September 29, 2010 5:23 PM 
Blogger Chip Malafronte said...

I'd love to speak with Zach. Edsall has yet to allow us to speak with him, and I'm not sure if he will.

September 29, 2010 10:13 PM 

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