Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday notes

A few notes from Thursday:
  • Alex LaMagdelaine had surgery on his shoulder Wednesday, and will miss the remainder of the season. Everything went well, but there's no chance he'll be back before the year's over.
  • Decisions on whether Andre Dixon, Lindsey Witten and Jodan Todman will play this week haven't been made yet.
  • Edsall said nothing will change in the Huskies' game preparation now that quarterback Peter Lalich is staying home and Marc Verica will start. "All three quarterbacks have a similar style, from all the things we've read, and when you look at what he did in high school," Edsall said. "It won't affect what we're preparing for and practicing for. There are always things you cover with your team, the 'what if' situations, so a lot of that is carry-over. We're not changing what we plan to do."
  • Tony Ciaravino's struggles weren't due to weather conditions, Edsall said after revewing tape. It was a minor mechanical flaw. "His plant foot was open," Edsall said. "He should have had it closed. It was a minor technicality that cause him to pull it left." All's fixed, and Tony C had a good week of practice.

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