Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hofstra post game notes

  • Andre Dixon expects to practice this week and be ready to play against Temple.
  • Lindsey Witten was injured, though Edsall wasn't sure what or how serious it was.
  • Lots of sloppy play on offense, led by a shaky ballgame from Lorenzen. Edsall summed up the three picks: the first, he shouldn't have thrown. The second, he stared down D.J. and allowed the safety to get into the play and make the pick. The third, he didn't get rid of the ball quick enough. They are issues the coaches have been hounding Lorenzen about.
  • Edsall: "I think we've had some inconsistencies in our passing game more so than the running game. We have to make quicker reads. We can't stare things down. We have to throw the ball on time. If we do those things, we're fine."
  • Tyler thought he may have been over thinking, but vowed he'll work to take better care of the ball from here on out.
  • Edsall spoke about how Donald Brown lost weight, which showed in his shiftiness and speed today. Donald downplayed it. "I only lost one or two pounds," he said.
  • Edsall like what he saw out of his receivers, one in particular. "I really like Michael Smith," Edsall said. "He's going to be a fine football player." For Edsall to say that about a true freshman? Let's just say it's very unusual.
  • Cody Endres got the nod to replace Lorenzen because of the score, not because Lorenzen was having a bad day. Endres passed Frazer on the depth chart this week, but, despite his good day, he'll have to earn the backup job again this week. It's even, and whoever has the better week of practice will be on the second team.
  • Ellis Gaulden could barely contain himself in the post game interview room. The kid is thrilled to be healthy and contributing. He said nerves played a part in his dropping his first ball "I was thinking about running up field before I had the ball in my hands," Gaulden said. "At least I got the drop out of the way early." Kashif and Smith had nice days too. And don't forget the Sherminator making catches out of the backfield. D.J. was scolded by Edsall for failing to play to the situation at the end of the first half. Twice he turned up field instead of heading out of bounds in the 2-minute drill, and nearly fumbled it away the second time. "That irritated me a little bit," Edsall said.
  • Good to see Aaron Bagsby make an interception less than a month after a knee scope.


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