Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pre-Virginia media lunch notes

  • Jordan Todman has practiced, and will practice all week. Same with Lindsey Witten and Andre Dixon. Determinations on whether the three will play and how much will come later in the week.

  • Dixon is frustrated because his ankle sprain is healing slowly. He thought he was ready against Temple, and even got in for a couple plays, but said the ankle wasn't ready for game speed and he probably shouldn't have played. "Right now, it's day-by-day," Dixon said. "It's tough having to sit out. We expect a big year in this program, and I want to contribute."

  • UConn has left lots of points on the field. Fourteen against Hofstra, another 20 or 23 against Temple, and there’s been criticism of play-calling by media and fans. Edsall said the criticism doesn't bother him, but these quotes seem as if it's been bugging him a little. “If you think I’m worried about other people criticizing the plays we call, that’s the furthest thing from my mind. I couldn’t care less about what anyone else thinks of the play calling. I can tell you this, no one is putting in the kind of time we’re putting in every day, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. trying to come up with game plans … to try and win football games. It’s a second-guess society. People are entitled to second guess. I’ll even go back after games and say 'geez, we could have done this, we could have done that.' But you use personnel the way you think you can use it. I just know that we’re 2-0, and we’re going to continue to do the things we have to do in order to get wins. We have to be more productive in passing game. I know that’s what we have to do. If we don’t leave points on the field, maybe we don’t get that question. But we spend a lot of time and hours putting together a game plan we think can get us a win.”

  • Offensive coordinator Rob Ambrose also catches flak over the play-calling, which touched another nerve with Edsall. "Our society is about flash and glitter. Looking pretty. I'm trying to make the best decisions I can to win games. I have no problems with any game he's called. We're 2-0. And everything runs through me, guys. Put the blame on me. I'm the head coach. Don't criticize my assistant coaches. The buck stops right here. If anyone wants to take shots, take them at me,. That's why I'm the head coach. I've got great assistant coaches. They work their tails off. If people want to criticize us, that's fine. That's the nature of our business. But take your shots at me. Take them at me. Cause I'm the guy that's in front of everybody. It's amazing, though, that you have to have this conversation when you're 2-0. They were 9-4 a year ago. But hey, that’s the world."

  • Congratulations to Darius Butler, who became a father Saturday just before kickoff with Temple. His daughter, Maya, and is doing just fine.

  • Al Groh wasn't too bad on the conference call. I remember a few years ago when he was coaching the Jets through a miserable season and catching all kinds of grief from the New York media he decided to do a conference call from his office after a practice. Problem was, the horde of media he was speaking with was in the same building, gathered just down the hall from his office. The first question to him was, "Al, why are you doing this?" That all but sealed the inevitable end of Groh's tenure with the Jets.

  • Groh said Stratford's Torrey Mack, a tailback out of Bunnell High, will likely redshirt the season because Virginia's current backs are strong. "He's tough, he has vision and skills," Groh said. "He's everything we'd seen of him on tape."


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