Saturday, September 06, 2008

Help me Hanna: postgame notes

Wasn't pretty, but it was a win. That was Randy Edsall's attitude post game. Some notes:
  • Edsall feels Temple will contend to win the MAC's Eastern Division.

  • The weather affected the UConn game plan, but not as much as you might think. "I would have like to pass more. But we felt we could run on them, and we did. We also know we're going to have to throw the ball better. It was a tough day under tough conditions. We survived," Edsall said.

  • Donald Brown's 214 rushing yards were a career high. The 36 carries were second only to his 43 against Pitt (also OT) back in 2006. "He might not practice again until Thursday," Edsall said. "That was vintage Donald Brown. The thing about him is, the longer he goes, the stronger he gets."

  • Andre Dixon saw limited time because he's still not 100 percent, and the weather may not have been conducive to his ankle. Also, there wasn't much need to spell Brown today.

  • Edsall thought about going for it on 4th-and-6 from the Temple 30 with 2:33 left in regulation. .But he had confidence Ciaravino could hit a 47-yard field goal. That's confidence in a kicker who had already missed two in difficult conditions.

  • Edsall was asked why he didn't go to Brown after UConn's critical stop on 4th-and-1, when Al Golden made the bizarre decision to go for it from his own 35 and time running out in regulation. The Huskies would have needed only about 10 yards to get into legit field goal position. Instead of going with the hot hand, UConn went with two QB keepers and an out to the tight end. "You can second guess us all you want," Edsall said. "And that's fine. I don't have a problem with that. But we're calling plays we hope will get us first downs. Every play we call, we think can be a big play."

  • Tony Ciaravino on his day, "No excuses, I know what I need to work on. Thank God for Donald Brown. He can have my sandwich if he wants it." Asked if he was over thinking his kicks, Ciaravino, showing some self-deprecating humor, insisted he's not the guy to over think anything.

  • Lorenzen on playing today, "Throwing the ball was ridiculous. It's different when you're 10 (years old) and just throwing it around when nothing matters. In big-time college football, with everything you're supposed to do, it's a lot different."

  • Looks like Temple is still going to be looking for justice when the teams meet again in a couple of years. Al Golden said the referee's made a mistake in awarding Temple 1st-and-10 from the 19 in overtime after a holding penalty. It should have been 1st-and-4. The chains were set up wrong. "When you're 1st-and-4, you guys who go to A.C. (Atlantic City) know, you're playing with house money. They ruled it wrong on the field. And they apologized after the game. First-and-4, you're taking shots at the end zone. It's a lot different. You are ahead of schedule on second down. How can they do that? I don't know. End of story." He's right. Start the new video and marketing campaign.


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