Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Family bonds run deep for UConn's Foxx

When an 18-year-old Deshon Foxx returned home, it's safe to say that his mother wasn't thrilled to death with a couple of changes to his appearance.

He has a tattoo on the top of each wrist. His mom's name Carmela is prominently displayed on his right wrist and his dad's name Lewis appears in black letters on his left.

"My parents, they're my strength," Foxx said. "They, especially my mom, she wasn't the happiest at the tattoos."

Over time his parents began to appreciate the reason why Deshon felt obligated to have their names etched into his body.

They are not the only tattoos he has but "they mean to most to me because I see them every day. I do ti for my parents, I do it for my family so that is why I got those tattoos."

With three sons in college including two playing college football (younger brother Derrick is a redshirt freshman defensive end at Fairmont State) and his family living about 600 miles away in Lynchburg, Virginia, it is not always easy for Foxx's parents to make it to UConn's home games in East Hartford or to the campus in Storrs so there have been times when Foxx has needed to garner strength from seeing his parents' names on his wrists.

"My freshman year homesickness kicked in pretty bad, now whenever I am doing something I just look down and think I can do anything because they told me I can do anything I want," Foxx said.

Foxx is UConn's second-leading receiver with 11 catches, is fifth on the team with 30 rushing yards, leads the Huskies with 91 yards on six punt returns and added 48 more yards on three kickoff returns. Foxx is just the fourth UConn player to have a carry, complete a pass and make a catch in the same season since 2001 joining Leon Kinnard in 2010, D.J. Hernandez in 2006 and Keron Henry in 2002. During that span, Foxx and Kinnard are the only ones with a carry, pass completion, reception, punt return and kickoff return. This season at the FBS level, Foxx joins North Carolina's Ryan Switzer and Jameon Lewis of Mississippi State as the only players to accomplish that feat.

Listening to UConn coach Bob Diaco speak at Tuesday's press conference, it seems likely that Foxx will get other opportunities to throw the ball after he finished up the Temple game at quarterback.

"It is not a Foxx package, it is the offense," Diaco said. "I guess the opponent can look at it any way they want to look at it but if they want to look at the Foxx plan as a wildcat plan then they would be making a mistake because Foxx can thrown all of the passes, he has a strong arm, he can run our offense. He can run our offense from the gun, he can run our offense from under center so to say it is a Foxx package, they can do whatever they want. They want to see it as a wildcat but it is not, Foxx can run an offense, all the calls and all the plays."



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