Thursday, June 05, 2014

UConn's Diaco continues to get the word out

Appearance on Geno Auriemma's radio show just one
 of many by UConn football coach Bob Diaco
Time will tell just how successful Bob Diaco will be as UConn's football coach but there can no questioning his desire to generate a more passionate home crowd experience.

Shortly after taking the job he was already starting to make the public speaking rounds and he hasn't been slowing down one bit.

The next stage begins tonight when Diaco appears at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Windsor, the first of the appearances at a different restaurant in the chain during Thursdays in June. From 5:30-7 p.m. he will meet UConn fans with stops coming in Manchester (June 12), Milford (June 19) and North Haven (June 26).

"It is a huge piece," Diaco said. "The fans need to feel to engaged to the team and have information about the team and feel like they are a part of the team and come to games, that serves the team because the players get excited about a full stadium and reinforcing that they are doing something very important that is very interesting. That raises their commitment level and investment which then a great investment creates a great persistence so this great school spirit creates this great energy and persistence towards a goal. It goes hand in hand and that is what I am trying to do. Before they have an opportunity to see wins and feel success, let's kind of get the word out there that 'hey this is going to be very interesting. You will really be excited and respect what product is being put out there by the guys."

Another of Diaco's events worthy of mention is the Women's Football 101 Clinic set for June 25.

Diaco is aware that some of the publicity the event has been generating centers around the thought that the event could be condescending to women. However, Diaco vows that nothing could be further from the truth as this will not be a "this is a forward pass" or "this is a first down."

"It is fun, fun night. It is a great event and for anybody not to think it is a great event is really convoluting the whole thing," Diaco said.

"It has been a great response. We were half full after three days of registration so people need to get 
registered. Like anything else some people don't understand what it is all about so that is what it is about, showing a group of people that have never been in an actual football meeting as a players an opportunity to look, feel and see what that is like, learn about how we teach hitting and striking.

"We are really making an effort and showing people that the game is safe and we are teaching it in a safe way and here is how we are teaching it so give grandmothers, mothers, daughters, future mothers, aunts and neighbors and guardians to allow the young people in their lives a chance to participate as a youngster in football, that they will have a deeper understanding of how we teach hitting and how we teach striking position so that will be a big, big plus. Everybody will be involved, it is a complete community service if anything we will be in the red. It is not a money maker, we don't make any money, we take our own time rather than being at dinner, soccer games, baseball games we are going to take another night and work and try to serve the community."

Diaco is also fired up about upcoming football clinics open to high school aged players. Somebody from Diaco's staff has been in contact with somebody from every team which fields a varsity football team in Connecticut. There will be six one-day clinics in June beginning on June 17.

"They are excited," Diaco said. "You have a collective group of very happy people that feel like they are getting a great service and then there are a couple that we feel like we need to continue to win over and get back into the UConn Husky fold."



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