Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weist reacts to his former player's horrific injury

With UConn having a bye week I was able to spend my Saturday morning, afternoon and evening watching one college football game after another. Few images were as memorable (for all the wrong reasons) than seeing the gruesome injury suffered by Cincinnati quarterback Munchie Legaux in a loss to Illinois.

I caught up with UConn offensive coordinator T.J. Weist, who was one of the Cincinnati coaches involved in the recruitment of Legaux to get his thoughts about one of his former players going down like that.

"It was hard to watch because he is such a good kid," Weist said. "I recruited him out of New Orleans when he first came everything he has been through at Cincinnati from being a starter and earning the job back ... It is just hard to see because it is personal with some of those kids, what they go through, the pain he has been through and the pain he is going to go through. You never want that for any player, it is a tough game obviously but some of those injuries don’t belong in the game. You pray for him, hope he comes back and everything is normal and he can play football again and hope he heals from an injury like that

"I texted him right after. I know his family and being with him through the years, it is personal. It is about the players, the emotions they go through with the wins and losses and everything. Injuries are a part of it but those kinds of injuries are life changing at the time. I hate to see it but I pray for him, support him. He is such a hard working kid, I know he will pull through it."

Legaux, who was injured during the fourth quarter, will be out for the remainder of the season.


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