Sunday, September 09, 2012

Pasqualoni: Offensive line still be evaluated

It shouldn't be a stunner that the first question UConn football coach Paul Pasqualoni was asked on his day after teleconference centered around the offensive line and if any changes would be made personnel wise heading into Saturday's game at Maryland.

"What we saw on the film was not good execution and not consistent enough execution," Pasqualoni said. "We had 15 drives in the game and it seems like in 14 of those drives we made a mistake that really put us behind the chains or there was a turnover created. I would say it is just a lack of consistency. We had a fourth and four which would have put us in position to score or kick to tie the game at least. The game probably came down to one or two plays.

"Right now we are still working through the film and I haven't decided on any changes at this point. If we do (change the starting line) that I would announce it during the week. This week from an offensive standpoint each position group, each unit could have done better which in the end could have resulted in a couple more plays which would have put us in position to win the game. It is just a matter of everybody doing a little more, doing a little better."

Pasqualoni said that health wise the Huskies seemed to have come out of the game in good shape. He is still uncertain about the status of DE Teddy Jennings and DT Shamar Stephen. Jennings missed the NC State game and Shamar Stephen has missed the first two games with knee injuries.

"We are going to evaluate that this week very closely so we are optimistic," Pasqualoni said of Stephen's availability. "I would say right now questionable and we'd keep you posted day by day. The swelling is going down (in Jennings' knee), we are going to get a little bit more of a good evaluation this week. We are waiting for the swelling to go down to do the pictures and all of that."

Of course he was asked about the possible distraction of the Huskies going up against their former head coach Randy Edsall on Saturday.

"That is all stuff that you guys like to write about, it gives you some material," Pasqualoni said. "There is so much to get ready for and the game requires so much focus and attention that if we fall into that trap of getting involved into that kind of emotional stuff before a game it is going to make us less competitive and less prepared.

"The coaches at Maryland and the coaches at Connecticut , because we have (former Maryland defensive coordinator) Don Brown here too, the coaches are not playing the game, I promise you that. I promise you they are not going to be in for one play. They are not playing, they are not up they are not in he game plan so you guys  need to get ready to play the opponent so let's concentrate on that."

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