Saturday, September 08, 2012

Offensive struggles sinks Huskies

No losses are easy to take but when a team struggles to move the ball as much as UConn did in Saturday's 10-7 loss to North Carolina State it was not going to be a fun time in the Huskies' locker room following the game.

Senior offensive tackle Jimmy Bennett described the scene when UConn coach Paul Pasqualoni addressed the squad after the Huskies managed just 239 yards and turned the ball over four times.

“Coach (Paul Pasqualoni) was talking after the game and there was dead silence. A lot of guys were shaking their heads. He was obviously upset with our offense. He didn't know why we didn't perform like we were supposed to. Honestly we all don't. It is a group thing. It is not just one person. We have to put it together.” 

Pasqualoni wouldn't commit to making any changes on the offensive line until he and his staff has a chance to break down the film but there were signs that there are some issues with the offensive line in a season-opening win over UMass. When the final numbers were tabulated, the Huskies finished with 35 rushing yards on 32 plays. Those totals include the two times when Whitmer tripped and fell over the feet of his offensive linemen. Whitmer's tendency to staring down his receivers and gunning the ball into double or triple coverage cost him and the Huskies against the ball hawking NC State defense.

“We have to make plays on offense,” Whitmer said. “We have to hold up our end of the deal. I didn't play within myself, take what the defense is giving me. It was in the back of my mind 'I want to hit a big play.' “I want to play my best football out here. I have to come back and have a short memory and play the next game after a bad game and look to be more consistent. This one hurts but that is the great thing about college football, you have the next week. We are going to have to bounce back.”

Pasqualoni said it was a dehydration issue which led to senior cornerback Blidi Wreh-Wilson being sidelined for some plays on Saturday including the one when reserve cornerback Taylor Mack was beaten by Bryan Underwood on a 46-yard touchdown reception.


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