Sunday, October 02, 2011

Wrapping up Western Michigan

A couple of quick notes from Pasqualoni's call with state media today.

  • Blidi Wreh-Wilson is still on crutches, and is "clearly out for the West Virginia game". UConn will work some different combinations in the secondary, like it did against Western Michigan.

  • On the offensive line, UConn will go back to the same lineup it used Saturday.

  • Of his defense, Pasqualoni said "with the pass, we had more of an issue with the inside slot receiver. Some issues witht he ourside slot receivers. We needed to play tighter, closer (with the inside receiver). When you play a good tema with a good quarterback, you've got to be more detailed then we were. There were times we handled the inside guy well, but we have to be more consistent."

  • Pasqualoni reiterated much of what he said last night with regard to taking care of the "little things" like finishing plays, blocks, correct technique, etc. He added the defensive game plan was to make Western Michigan one-dimensional, which they did. The run game was shut off. But it didn't matter considering how effective the Broncos were in the pass.


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