Monday, September 12, 2011

Lots to fix before Iowa State, but "We're in this together."

Spoke to some players and assistants, here's a little more from today.

  • Players and coaches rarely admit to reading message boards, blogs or anything else related to media. But most, if not all, are aware of what's being said, especially when there's criticism. Folks tend to be especially hard on the quarterback. It just comes with the territory. Johnny McEntee's three interceptions certainly roused some predictable opinions, the first truly negative public analysis he's had to deal with. By all accounts, McEntee took the loss hard in the post game. On Monday, he still seemed down in the dumps. Depressed would be more accurate. "The less time the better to think about it," McEntee said. "My teammates are behind me, having their support is really helping me out. Yeah, I'm just trying to forget about it and move on."

  • The coaches are tolerant because they know they have three quarterbacks with no experience. Fordham was hardly a test, so the Vanderbilt game represented the first real competition. "The quarterback probably receives too much credit when things go well and too much blame when things go bad," UConn quarterbacks coach Joe Moorhead said. "That's part of the decision to play the position. I told them there's nothing we can do to change the past. We looked at the film, evaluate what we did well, analyze what we did bad and build from there

  • McEntee says he remains confident in the wake of the game and the competition, where Michael Nebrich and Scott McCummings are still very much in the game plan. "I'm pretty confident it's correctable, the physical things are correctable. A couple of the mental plays I made bad reads on are unacceptable," McEntee said. "That's what I need to worry about. ... The more and more bad things that go wrong, you think I can't keep making these mistakes but you have to try and put them in the back of your head and move on."

  • Moorhead said the plan for Vanderbilt was to start McEntee, use Nebrich for the first series of the second quarter and the coaches would evaluate at halftime what the best plan for the second half would be. (McCummings has his own packages and plays, and will be used throughout the game). "The flow of the game, and how things were unfolding, dictated for us that we wanted to keep Johnny in there for continuity sake," Moorhead said. "We're moving forward with the same approach for Iowa State."

  • Over the last three games against FBS competition (South Florida and Oklahoma last season, and the Vandy game), UConn has three defensive touchdowns, two special teams touchdowns (counting Byron Jones' blocked punt and recovery as a special teams TD) and no offensive touchdowns. The Huskies, predictably, are also 1-2 in those three games.

  • The defense and special teams units can't continue to carry the struggling offense. That's the way its been the last three games, but Sio Moore says things can change in a hurry. "You've got to do what you can, and hope that they can do theirs," Moore said. "Not even hope, believe. ... We talk to the (offensive guys). Before we're teammates, we're friends. We talk to them, keep spirits high. But at the same time they know their problems and what they have to do the same way we know what we have to do. Everybody has to make corrections, and I guarantee they'll be busting their tails at practice, same as us. ... We're in this together, offense, defense and special teams."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

coach p ithink you blew it in the last minutes of the game why not rush for 4yds get the first down or maybe a touch down ohail mary would be your last ditch effort. we deserve better coaching at that. the reporting renport per usual was was not accurate this was not our first home game of the season remember fordham and the record of wins and loses for iows st, was 3 and 0

September 17, 2011 4:47 PM 
Anonymous Vinny from East Haven said...

"The coaches are tolerant because they know they have three quarterbacks with no experience"...

isn't this supposed to read, "The coaches are tolerant because they know they have three quarterbacks with no TALENT"?

September 19, 2011 4:03 PM 

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