Saturday, September 17, 2011

Post-game notes from the Iowa State loss

The one thing about 8 p.m. kickoff games for media is it really creates deadline havoc. Since I couldn't do much with postgame interviews -- most of the players were repeating the same mantra about lack of execution -- I'll do what I can with this late night blog post.
  • I think everyone probably agrees, but UConn needs to end the quarterback rotation and stick with one guy. Michael Nebrich was kind of squeezed out the last two weeks anyway. But at this point, I think the Huskies would be best served using Scott McCummings out of the wildcat, as long as he shows he's capable of throwing with some consistency. If he can't make the throws yet, then go with Nebrich. Johnny McEntee was a little better this week, but 13-for-30 still isn't cutting it. He's 23-for-57 (40 percent) against average defensive units comparable to what he'll see in the Big East.
  • For his part, it sounded like Paul Pasqualoni knows he needs to pick one guy, too. He said the coaches will grade the film and make a decision tomorrow. Whether we'll know at 1 p.m., when he has his conference call with state media, is debatable. My guess is we'll find out for sure on Tuesday.
  • McCummings did a nice job moving the ball in the second half, but Pasqualoni went with McEntee for the decisive drive in the fourth quarter because they needed the best passer in there. Still, not sure why McCummings wasn't brought in for the short-yardage plays. McEntee went 0-for-3 passing there in a situation perfectly suited for McCummings.
  • Could this have been a breakout game for Isiah Moore, who had a career-best eight receptions for 143 yards? True, he had a crucial lost fumble on the first series of the third quarter that led to a big Cyclones score. But he looked like a play-maker tonight. He went up to get balls, ran precise routes and did some things after the catch. "I worked hard in practice this week, and did some film study so I knew where (Iowa State) was going to be," Moore said.
  • D.J. Shoemate, on the other hand, didn't run well and may have relegated himself back to backup duty with another fumble. He's had trouble hanging onto the ball in the past, and McCombs has clearly been more effective -- although it's been tough sledding for him since his big first quarter against Vanderbilt.
  • UConn should probably be 3-0 right now. As rough as the last two losses were, there's still real potential with this team, especially considering the Big East lacks a dominant team once again. The next two weeks loom especially large, with MAC opponents Buffalo and Western Michigan. But anything less than two wins there will likely end the bowl chances.


Anonymous Vinny from East Haven said...

For once I can't rant about this team being overrated. Even the UConn fanatics know this team stinks. The three-headed "monster" at QB certainly isn't Cerberus of Greek Mythology....more like the three blind mice.

On a final note, if DJ Shoemate sees the field again this year, someone should be shot.

September 19, 2011 4:01 PM 

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