Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pasqualoni like his three QBs (and seafood marinara)

A quick update from coach Pasqualoni's Thursday media session.

  • No update on where he stands at quarterback, other than the standard response that "all three will be ready to play." Coach P says Thursday practice is a bit like a dress rehearsal, and that today's practice will help finalize his decision.

  • It would seem that if there's going to be change in the current quarterback setup, the two likely scenarios would be a) more McCummings, less McEntee or b) more McCummings and Nebrich, less McEntee. Pasqualoni was asked specifically about Nebrich and what he needs to do to play more this week. "Michael has worked hard this week," he said. "I think he's gaining a better understanding of what this takes, and a Division I quarterback each week, each day as we go through this. His sense of urgency on the little things, the detail, the preparation, I see more attention to those things. I see more focus on those details, like footwork, taking care of the ball, those types of things. He's going to be ready to go when his number is called. I'm looking for him to be productive, and that's what it's going to take for him to play."

  • There are no injuries since Tuesday, and no real changes to the depth chart, Pasqualoni said.

  • D.J. Shoemate has been running well this week, and Pasqualoni said the situation with his four tailbacks (McCombs, Jean-Louis and Foxx the other three) is "healthy", and it sounds like all four could be called upon to contribute. "I can't predict who's going to be in the game when," Pasqualoni said. "But when your number is called, regardless if it's third down or first or second down, just be productive."

  • Pasqualoni, who a connoisseur of Italian restaurants, recommends Ilio DiPaolos -- an Italian wrestler turned restaurateur in Blasdell, N.Y. -- for anyone making the drive up to Buffalo. Coach P says try the shrimp and scallops with Ilio's marinara.

That call made me very hungry...thinking it might be a good day for lunch at Leon's in New Haven.


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