Sunday, January 02, 2011

Edsall blindsides UConn

Making some calls and doing my best to chase down whatever info I can right now. Here's what I'm hearing.

Some of the current coaching staff, I won't say who, but guys in prominent positions on the staff, had no idea this was coming. It seems Edsall told few, if anyone on his coaching staff and certainly not the players, who were also blindsided with today's reports. Most of the coaching staff and others in the program are worried right now about their futures. The underclassmen aren't happy. The seniors are shocked, though this doesn't really affect them.

Edsall will likely bring some coaches with him -- Joe Moorhead, Todd Orlando, Mike Foley, Hank Hughes and Lyndon Johnson are all good bets if they're willing to make the move. Moorhead and Hughes might well be considered to replace Edsall, if Jeff Hathaway wants to go that way.

This decision should have an effect on the current recruiting class. Expect some decommitments soon. UConn


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very dissapointed in Randy Edsell.
He used the Fiesta Bowl, to get a $100,000 bonus, and make more money at the University of Maryland. He not let down his his players, but the UCONN fans, and the school.

Hope his bigger paycheck, makes him happy!

January 03, 2011 6:37 PM 

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