Sunday, January 02, 2011

ESPN: Edsall to Maryland

That was quick.

ESPN is reporting that Randy Edsall will coach Maryland next season, and the official announcement could come Monday.

It's not surprising Edsall is leaving. Most felt it was inevitable. He's taken UConn about as far as it can go. But I thought he might hold out for a Big 10 job, or at least a higher profile ACC position -- Maryland has potential to be a player in the ACC, but like UConn it won't be easy to compete for national championships there.

At any rate, we figured the Edsall rumor mill would heat up once Michigan cans Rich Rodriguez and the dominos started to fall to fill that job.

By the way, UConn plays at Maryland in 2012 and the Terps come to Rentschler Field in 2013.


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