Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pre-game from the Runway

Not sure if the turf at Rentschler Field looked worse all chewed up following the Rolling Stones concert a few years ago or today. It's not that the field is in awful condition (though it's far from immaculate). It's the "Connecticut" and "Huskies" printed in each end zone over the "Hartford" and "Colonials" from the UFL season. Same with the Big East logo sloppily printed over the UFL logo. It looks like an equation on a chalkboard that someone erased with their hand before writing another. That should look classy on TV.

Reps from the Champs Sports Bowl are here today. A couple of weeks ago, folks would have been turning handsprings over a trip to Orlando. Now, it would be a big disappointment. UConn has a clear look at the Fiesta Bowl on New Year's Day. Just have to win the next two games.

Nice video tribute to the seniors on the video board, which ended with Jasper Howard clips. The Howard family will be here today to be honored pregame.


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