Friday, November 12, 2010

More from a Thursday night thriller

Rested and rejuvenated. Here's a few more notes from the Pitt game I didn't have the energy to get to on the blog last night.

  • The play call for Todman up the gut on 4th-and-1? Just another Tuesday practice. "That's all we do on Tuesdays, just run the ball, run power," Zach Frazer said. "Our line gets excited when it comes down to that. You hear them start yelling 'it's a Tuesday practice; Tuesday practice fellas'. That goes to show how we practice during the week effects how we play in the game."

  • Frazer just had the wind knocked out of him when he left the game briefly. "I knew I'd be alright, I just couldn't breathe," Frazer said. By the way, Mike Box took a pretty good lick on the only play he ran. Almost looked helmet-to-helmet, but didn't see the replays.

  • Frazer was asked if he was a spectator at a game and he witnessed that call by the home coach -- going for it on his own 19 with only a 2-point lead with under 3:00 in the game -- what he would think of the scenario. Frazer had a pretty good answer. "I'm glad I came to this game," he said. "I'm sure it was exciting. But as a player we hope for the blowouts. We don't like them this close."

  • Edsall was fired up to make the 4th-down call. And he was pretty fired up to get the win. Did you see him perform what I can only assume was his version of "The Humpty Dance" as time expired? As Shock-G once said so eloquently, "LETS GET STUPID!"

Thanks to Jared Nuss (who rules) for the video.

  • Jordan Todman isn't a semifinalist for the Doak Walker Award. And let's clarify. There are 10 semifinalists for the award, created way, way back in 1989 for the nation's premier running back. Edsall didn't know until Friday, when he was informed by Joe Perez of the Norwich Bulletin on the day-after teleconference. Edsall wasn't pleased, but seemed resigned that, like most awards, it's popularity contest more than anything. "Yeah, I think he should be," Edsall said when asked if he thought Todman should be a semifinalist. "But that stuff is political. It's no different than when Donald Brown should have won it. It's all political. If he's one of the top four rushers in the country going into it...I don't know. Certain things amaze you sometimes."

  • A Big East official came through the press box and explained why Nick Williams was flagged during the punt in the fourth quarter. Much like the famous Larry Taylor "unfair catch" three years ago, Williams waving his arms across his body like an umpire signaling a base runner safe is a textbook "invalid" fair catch. By rule, if he's the first to touch the ball in that scenario, the ball is dead. Since he tried to advance the ball, he was flagged for delay of game. Williams, as replays showed, waved his arms in this fashion several times to get teammates away from the ball. Taylor should have been similarly flagged back in 2007.


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I call it the Randy Edsall Happy Dance...

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