Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cincinnati postgame: one win from the BCS

Some postgame news and notes...
  • Bulleted ListOne of the first things Edsall mentioned was how banged up the Huskies are right now, as several guys went off with injuries. Todman hurt his shoulder, but didn't seem to hampered by it. Moe Petrus had a soft cast on his left wrist. Twyon Martin also remained on the turf for a while as did Mike Ryan. Don't expect status updates until Thursday, and even then they'll be vague at best. "Hopefully, we'll have enough bodies to play the rest of the week," Edsall said.

  • Asked about the turnaround the Huskies have made since the Louisville loss, Edsall made reference to the "distractions" that had plagued the team from spring camp to the week before that loss. He didn't mention names, but it was obvious he was talking about the incidents with Cody Endres and Erik Kuraczea. "We had distractions when we started this season, and once we got rid of the distractions we were able to focus and concentrate," Edsall said. "Once they were gone, we put things together."

  • Edsall's message to his team is 'don't believe the hype'. There will be plenty of Fiesta Bowl chatter this week, but Edsall wants his team to remain focused. "You guys cause some of the problems," Edsall told the media. "And I don't mean that in a negative way, I'm not ripping you. But the expectations placed upon people a times, some can handle it and some not. We probably didn't handle it, and I probably didn't do as good a job as I should have done. But you walk that fine line of tearing kids down when you know they have ability when everyone around them are telling them how good they are and what they're going to accomplish. Sometimes, you have to get smacked dn the face. And that's what happened. They got smacked in the face. I never lost faith in these guys because I knew if we did the things we were supposed to do we could be a good football team. That's what's transpired these last four weeks."

  • Todman was on the bench in the first half with his shoulder injury, and Edsall was told he'd be out until he was reevaluated at halftime. But on the 4th-and-1 play late in the first half, Todman would up taking two big carries that helped seal the win. Edsall claimed Todman just grabbed his mouthguard and ran onto the field. "I was under the assumption he was done," Edsall said. "Next thing I know, he's running in." Robbie Frey wasn't quite buying it. He said the play was called for Todman during the timeout.

  • Todman's key touchdown just before the half was more of a broken play. His first option was to pass in that situation -- which made sense considering the Huskies were out of time outs and if he failed to score on a run, time would have run out. "It was definitely a trick play," Todman said. "It was supposed to be a pass, was a little broken and I had to take what I had to get into the end zone."

  • Rough day for Dwayne Gratz, called for three pass interference penalties in the fourth quarter with the game still in doubt -- the Bearcats wound up scoring a TD to pull within 24-17 with 8:41 remaining in the game. "I was upset with him all game, I didn't think he played very well, Edsall said. "I thought he played soft today."

  • The UConn-South Florida game will be played at 8 p.m. and broadcast on ESPN2.


Blogger subwayalum90 said...

I love two football teams, my sister’s alma mater and representative of my birthland, UConn, and the Northwestern Wildcats I adopted after moving into their neighborhood years before UConn even considered joining the big time.

Northwestern, a small private school that only fills its 47,000 seat stadium when Ohio State or Iowa fans buy up the last 15 -20,000 seats, struggles to be taken seriously in a league of enormous state universities even when its performance exceeds many of them (think the last two years moreso than this one). Fortunately, it’s relatively-new athletic director takes this challenge with deadly seriousness and sense of purpose. His aggressive lobbying efforts last year got NU picked ahead of Wisconsin and Iowa for the Outback Bowl, despite the massive butts-in-seats advantage those huge schools could offer.

I bring this up because it’s time for Jeff Hathaway to get going on doing the same. The job of Randy Edsall and the team is to prepare for victory in South Florida and let nothing distract them. It’s Hathaway’s job to deal with the distractions. Specifically, what if they lose?

This link is to a well-thought-out bowl projection article that takes yesterday’s results into account. Like the one where Notre Dame beat USC and will pick off the Champs Sports Bowl bid. This guy thinks UConn will lose to USF and fall all the way to the St. Petersburg Bowl, a huge comedown from the heights at which we now stand. He has the Pinstripe Bowl taking Syracuse over us – the same Syracuse that lost its last three including one convincingly at home to us. That’s appalling. Just because you hang banners saying “New York’s College Team” doesn’t make it so and it’s up to Hathaway this week to prove that. Or prove to the Meineke Bowl we’ll travel better than USF.

Sure, just because some guy on the internet says its going to happen doesn’t mean it will. But the reason why it will or won’t is what Hathaway does in the next week. Edsall will prepare for victory. Hathaway has to cover the contingencies. It’s not defeatism, it’s his job. Some righteous indignation from the fanbase wouldn’t hurt, either.

November 28, 2010 10:28 AM 
Blogger Chip Malafronte said...

For what it's worth, I'm not so sure the Pinstripe Bowl would opt for Syracuse on a 3-game losing streak over UConn if it came down to that.

November 28, 2010 2:28 PM 

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