Sunday, October 03, 2010

Wrapping up Vanderbilt

Some notes from Sunday's call with Edsall
  • Vanderbilt had five big plays that went for 198 yards; the other 51 plays went for 124 yards. UConn needs to eliminate those big plays to become a better defense, Edsall said.
  • Nick Williams on kickoff return is because Robbie Frey is "banged up", and Edsall, happy with the job Williams did (he got the special teams game ball), anticipates that will remain the same.
  • Adam Masters (arm) could be in line to play for Rutgers, but Edsall didn't want to say anything definitive yet. He, and other injured guys, still need to see trainers and get treatment today and Monday. There could be some other changes on the depth chart.
  • D.J. Shoemate appears to have fallen behind Martin Hyppolite and even Anthony Sherman for Jordan Todman's scraps. "The biggest thing is you have to perform," Edsall said. "You get opportunities, and if you put the ball on the ground as a running back, you give others an opportunity. Same thing with a receiver. If a receiver doesn't catch the ball, he won't be in there. It's no different than any position."
  • Edsall was happy with the job Kevin Friend did after Saturday's game, and after watching tape Sunday his position hasn't changed. Depth on the line could become an issue, depending on the severity of Bennett's knee and Masters' arm, along with any other unknown ailments. But if more backups can step in and not miss a beat like Friend, UConn should survive.


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