Sunday, September 12, 2010

Following up on a 59-point win

Brief teleconference today; not a ton to discuss after a game like that.
  • Jordan Todman got an offensive game ball; Lawrence Wilson on defense and Anthony Sherman on special teams.
  • Jory Johnson's performance didn't grade out well with Edsall. "I thought he was very inconsistent and didn't play as well as he needed to," Edsall said. "He made a couple of mistakes that I didn't think a guy whose played before should make, so he has a lot of work to do."
  • Michael Box seemed comfortable in his first appearance as a UConn quarterback, but there were some mistakes Edsall pointed out -- namely, taking a sack that took the Huskies out of field goal position and missing a wide open receiver. "He took a sack in the red zone which hopefully he'll learn from that now that he has the experience," Edsall said. "But that was very disappointing to me, that he didn't understand the down and distance situation there. And he had a chance for a touchdown pass if he just made the correct read. He threw the ball to Dwayne (Difton) when he should have thrown the ball to Nick (Williams) who was wide open down the middle, but he didn't do what his coach told him to. He's got ability. But with regards to your first game you want to see those guys go out and perform to a level even though they haven't been there."


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