Saturday, November 01, 2008

Quickie postgame notes

The Cliffs' Notes version:
  • Darius Butler has a knee injury. Edsall said he'd know more tomorrow. Certainly appears like it could be long-term, like an ACL.
  • It didn't take a rocket scientist to know UConn had to avoid turnovers and cash in on scoring chances to beat a team with West Virginia's athleticism. Right away, there was a fumble by D.J. Hernandez on what would have been 1st-and-10 from the WVU 31. Dropped passes, including the big one by Kashif Moore on the first possession of the second half, engine stalls deep in West Virginia territory and, of course, the rash of turnovers in the second half were all killers. "You don't have as big a margin of error against a team like West Virginia," Edsall said. "We didn't make the plays we needed to make."
  • Inexperience, Edsall said, played a large factor in those interceptions thrown by Cody Endres. "He was throwing off his back foot, that's why those throws were high. He got a little flustered at the end."
  • Edsall said UConn still hasn't recruited "that dynamic wide receiver" yet. "Nothing against the kids we have here. But we got to find someone who wants to come here and be that dominant, go-to guy. It will be interesting to see how many dropped balls we had today."
  • Endres got the start today "because he was the best guy to give us an opportunity to win" according to Edsall.
  • Kashif Moore on the dropped long ball in the second half, "During the week, we thought it could possibly be a big play. I ran a post, and the safety bit on the play. I ran down at full speed, saw the ball in the air. I might have taken my eyes off it. I should have caught that ball. It's something that's going to eat me up inside. It went right through my hands."
  • The celebrations for making a tackle on special teams when you're down 15 points in the fourth quarter need to stop. As Mike Singletary said, it's not about you. Not sure if that was before or after Singletary dropped trow in front of his team. But it's still a good point.

Maybe some more later, after I get the newspaper stuff complete.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a hangover. I really thought the program was in a great position to turn the corner at halftime. Huskies dominated the first half and quite frankly, WVU was fortunate just to be down by 6. The opening drive fumble by Hernandez was a killer and I believe it was Smith who dropped a ball on the last drive in the first half. Not to mention there is no way in hell you can allow a team to score on 3rd and goal from the 24. All said and told, the Huskies probably squandered away 14 points in the first half. The second half, what can you say? That drop by Moore on the second play was a killer. Who knows what kind of complexion the game takes at 20-7. Just a bummer. Big East hopes are all but gone now.

November 01, 2008 5:15 PM 

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