Monday, October 27, 2008

The dreaded 'OR'

Depth charts usually list a starter and backup. When the coaches don't wish to reveal the starter, they list them both No. 1, separated the by word 'or', as in -- at lead singer for The Beatles tonight it's Paul McCartney OR John Lennon. Occasionally, you'll get two 'ORs' on the depth chart, such as, the lead guitarist for Iron Maiden tonight is Dave Murray OR Adrian Smith OR Janick Gers. (All of whom rock equally. Up the Irons!)

Randy Edsall said today on the Big East Conference call that Zach Frazer and Cody Endres will both be listed at the top of the depth chart this week, and that "it will probably be a game-time decision". As reported yesterday, Frazer practiced on Sunday. So, get ready to see this before Saturday's West Virginia game -- QB: Cody Endres OR Zach Frazer.

Also, Dave Teggart was named the Big East special teams player of the week for his performance against Cincinnati.


Anonymous Gary said...

Do we know for sure that the QB job is Lorenzen's as soon as he is cleared to play? Could Frazer or Endres supplant him on the depth chart? I know Edsall isn't a very sentimental coach when it comes to playing time. This guy goes through running backs like most people go through socks. If Tyler's foot is still bothering him when he returns and he isn't as mobile, that would basically make him a downgrade from Either Endres or Frazer (at least in the arm strength dept). What are your thoughts? Has anyone asked Edsall this?

October 27, 2008 12:17 PM 
Blogger Chip Malafronte said...


Right now, Edsall is more concerned with Lorenzen recovering in time to be able to play than answering that question. But, if Tyler gets back to 100 percent where he was before the injury, the job would obviously revert back to Lorenzen.

Unless, that is, Endres or Frazer make dramatic improvements or, as you say, Lorenzen's foot doesn't heal well and limits his mobility. If he can't run as well, I'd expect one of the others to continue playing unless they are both complete disasters.

October 27, 2008 12:48 PM 

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