Saturday, October 25, 2008

Love the early games

Good morning from the Runway. Can't even begin to describe how much I enjoy noon games on Saturday. No waiting around. It's wake up, shower, have a cup of Joe and play with the little guy, then hop in the car by 9 a.m. for the ride up. You just can't beat that routine. It's how college football should be everywhere.

No word yet on the quarterback, but if Vegas was putting odds on who starts, Cody Endres would be off the board and Zach Frazer would be at about 500-1 right now. The Devil Rays had better odds to win the World Series in the preseason. Of course, you saw how that is turning out, so who knows.

A few UConn players are on the field warming up now. I see Cody and Johnny McEntee (I think, to be honest, nobody in the media would know Johnny if he ran across press row slapping us all in the face like Moe to the rest of the Stooges). No Zach Frazer, yet. Tyler Lorenzen is tossing the pigskin around, too. He looks much better than he did a couple weeks ago. He's jogging, taking drop steps. Maybe he'll play today.

Endres has gotten changed, and is running routes with a couple receivers. He looks like he's ready to play.

Check back for an update.


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