Sunday, October 19, 2008

The QB depth chart

This question was emailed to me, and since I didn't address it in the blog today, I will answer it here.

Question: Chip, what happens if Frazer can't play Saturday? Does Edsall go to Cody Endres, and is there a chance we could see D.J. back at QB? -- John G.

A: If Frazer can't play, Endres get the start. No question. He's in his second year in the program (same as Frazer) and has already logged game time this season. Backing him up would be Johnny McEntee, a walk-on from California, and Casey Turner. If Endres got hurt, Edsall would use whichever of the two he felt was the best (and right now, I'm not sure who that would be). Both are first-year guys, and Turner is here on a full ride. Burning Turner's redshirt isn't something UConn wants to do, but if he's the guy who gives them the best shot to win, they won't think twice about it. Chances of D.J. playing anywhere but receiver are slim to none. Unless, that is, Endres, McEntee and Turner all get injured.


Anonymous Gary said...

Maybe if Frazer is hurt, they'll just direct snap to Donald Brown every snap. It eliminates the middle man since he gets the ball every play anyway. (sarcasm intended)

October 20, 2008 10:50 AM 
Blogger Pete said...

I was thinking about this yesterday. If for some reason Frazier can't go, I'd like to see some imagination on offense. Why not utilize Brown, Todman, and Dixon? We saw a few plays against Louisville and UNC when Brown took the snaps. Run almost every play that way and have Brown run or hand-off to Dixon or Todman. Then for a change of pace have DJ line up a QB and run or pass. Of course there's a lot there and I'm not sure that our offense can suddenly change that much...but that wildcat offense is tough to stop.

October 20, 2008 1:44 PM 

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