Thursday, October 23, 2008

Edsall hasn't been contacted; no QB news

Interesting Thursday call with coach Randy Edsall. He opened the call with this statement. "Guys, it's come to my attention that there's an issue that I want to address. I think you guys know me well enough, and the fact that I don't deal in speculation. I want you to know and everyone to know I haven't been contacted by any college, any university, the NFL, any person or people regarding any job. End of story. Now, on to Cincinnati...."

That was in response to a New York Times story which reported that Syracuse has hired begun searching for a replacement for Greg Robinson by hiring a search firm, and that firm had already reached out to Edsall to gauge his interest. Edsall's agent wouldn't confirm nor deny the report to the Times. In the same story, Syracuse athletic director Daryl Gross denied the school had hired a search firm.

Edsall offered no further comments, even when pressed to expand.

Also, Zach Frazer was listed as a game-time decision for Saturday. He added little else. "Has Zach practiced this week?" a reporter asked. "Zach is a game-time decision," Edsall responded. "Has be been cleared to play?" another reporter asked. "He's a game time decision," Edsall said.

It seems unlikely Frazer will play, but Edsall won't rule it out. Edsall stressed he doesn't factor into the decision on Frazer's being cleared to play. That's up to doctors and trainers, and he follows their recommendations. Especially on something as serious as a head injury/concussion. Frazer has been attending classes, and been out on the field for practices (though not practicing). Edsall said he hasn't been experienced many of the more severe symptoms associated with post-concussion syndrome, including migraines and vomiting.

Other injuries include DT Brandon Dillon (leg) and TB Nate Sherr (leg). Both are day-to-day, though Edsall said it's unlikely Dillon will dress.

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