Thursday, October 12, 2006

A little news and more football picks

The state media got to speak to Randy Edsall this afternoon regarding Army on Saturday. Not much to report.
  • Allan Barnes and Jason Ward, both slowed by injuries, will be reevaluated after today's practice. Everyone else is healthy. If Barnes can't go, freshman Robert Vaughn moves in to backup Dahna Deleston at safety.
  • Dan Murray is getting better, put is still not 100 percent. Steve Brouse starts again at tight end.
  • Wide receiver Ellis Gaulden is still not healthy, and won't play again this week. He tore his ACL during spring practice.
  • Edsall said the team has been focused and intense during practice in the wake of Beergate. He says he sees a united team that looks like they are ready to play.

On to my weekly picks. Call me Even Steven. I went 6-6 last week to remain even at 27-27-5 for the season. If karma is indeed at play, the Yankees deciding to not fire Joe Torre will mean A-Rod is shipped off to the nearest sucker who thinks this narcissistic choke artist might help them in the playoffs. As for the Malafronte challenge, both Vinny and Manny tied for the tops spot after going 8-4 while Detroit Tigers Hater was 8-3, conveniently forgetting to pick a winner of the Missouri-Texas Tech game. He finishes third for that. Speaking of the Tigers, did you see the interview with Barry Zito after losing game one Tuesday night? I couldn't stop laughing at his hair. He looked like he was wearing a George Harrison wig. All he needed was a British accent and a unibrow. Here are the picks:

Game 1: Pitt (-11) over CENTRAL FLORIDA: Since I have nothing else to add here, I'd just like to say how close I came to picking UCF grad Daunte Culpepper in my fantasy draft. I really thought he would turn it around in Miami. But he spent four weeks playing like his shoelaces were tied together, and has now been benched for Joey Harrington. Not good.

Game 2: UCONN (-5) over Army: The Huskies D has something to prove, and are capable of holding Army to single digits.

Game 3: WEST VIRGINIA (+25) over Syracuse: Anyone see Sports Illustrated this week? In their midseason report, they predicted the national championship game as Ohio State vs. West Virginia. I recall a blog that predicted a similar fate for the Mountaineers back in July. Now which one was that? Oh yeah, this one.

Game 4: Rutgers (-2.5) over NAVY: Ray Rice runs for 250 yards. Bank on it.

Game 5: Cincinnati (+25.5) over LOUISVILLE: Hunter Cantwell is the second best QB in the league. The best? Brian Brohm, the injured guy he's filling in for.

Game 6: NORTH CAROLINA (+3.5) over South Florida: Matt Grothe's foot will limit his mobility and effectiveness against the Tar Heels. Without him, the Bulls are quite ordinary.

And the non-Big East games...

Game 7: NC STATE (-3) over Wake Forest: True story. I was watching the Wake/Clemson game last week at the hotel in Tampa. Wake was ahead 17-3 when I went to take a shower. I came out 10 minutes later and it was 24-17 Clemson. Wake's feel good story is done like dinner.

Game 8: Ohio State (-14.5) over MICHIGAN STATE: Here's another team you can stick a fork into. The Spartans were about to be 4-0 when they collapsed against Notre Dame. Since then, they lost their homecoming game to Illinois, one of the worst teams in Division I-A history, and were blasted by Michigan.

Game 9: Florida (-2.5) over AUBURN: More free money. Tigers are not that good. Bet the farm. Someone get me Vegas on the line.

Game 10: Michigan (-6) over PENN STATE: Poor JoePa.

Game 11: Missouri (-2.5) over TEXAS A&M: I'm a Mizzou believer

Game 12: Central Connecticut State (-6) over ROBERT MORRIS: Let me just say I am pleasantly stunned my alma mater is ranked 19th in the nation in Division I-AA. The Blue Devils have scored 73 and 62 in their last two games. When I was there, it took two full seasons for them to score that many. I have to find a way to get to a game in New Britain soon.

Don't forget to enter your picks. It's easy. Click on the 'comments' key below. The games are listed for an easy reference once you're in there.


Blogger Chip Malafronte said...

Chip's picks
Game 1: Pitt (-11) over CENTRAL FLORIDA
Game 2: UCONN (-5) over Army
Game 3: WEST VIRGINIA (+25) over Syracuse
Game 4: Rutgers (-2.5) over NAVY
Game 5: Cincinnati (+25.5) over LOUISVILLE
Game 6: NORTH CAROLINA (+3.5) over South Florida
Game 7: NC STATE (-3) over Wake Forest
Game 8: Ohio State (-14.5) over MICHIGAN STATE
Game 9: Florida (-2.5) over AUBURN
Game 10: Michigan (-6) over PENN STATE
Game 11: Missouri (-2.5) over TEXAS A&M
Game 12: Central Connecticut State (-6) over ROBERT MORRIS

October 12, 2006 3:58 PM 
Blogger beisbolct said...

ian's picks:
west virgina
South Florida
NC State
ohio state

October 12, 2006 5:20 PM 
Blogger Vinny From East Haven said...

What are the season standings? Do we get a prize if we beat you, like a BC sweatshirt or something?
(Ha, ha, that's for all the haters out there who think i am a BC fan!)

Ok here's my picks:
Pitt -11
Army +5
WVU +25
Navy +2.5
Louisville -25.5
USF -3.5
NC State -3
Ohio St -14.5
auburn +2.5
Penn st +6
Mizzou -2.5
Central -6

See y'all at the Army game! Hey Chip, has a team from a so-called major conference ever lost to both Army and Navy in the same season? We might see history this weekend in East Hartford!

October 12, 2006 5:32 PM 
Blogger DetroitTigersHater said...

I am speechless. Not just the Yanks losing, but to the Tigers. I was so bewildered after Friday's loss it made me screw up my picks from last week. I am claiming victory anyway.

The Huskies have me in a very depressed state right now. I don't even want to know what is coming next. Something just aint' right here. Feels like there is more to this than a six pack of beer but maybe that's just me. Good news is this reminds me a heck of a lot of the disastrous 86-87 hoops season where half the team flunked out for the 2nd semester. That team won the NIT the next year and began us down the path to dominance. Not sure we'll be ready to do that next year or anytime soon even in football but one can always hope.

South Florida
Wake Forest
Ohio State

October 12, 2006 5:45 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. UCF
2. Army
3. Syracuse
4. Rutgers
5. Cincy
6. USF
7. NC St
8. OSU
9. Florida
10. Michigan
11. Texas AM
12. CCSU

-- Manny

October 12, 2006 9:35 PM 

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