Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Following up on Beer-gate

Winding up a long afternoon in Storrs, I plan to just leave some quotes that came out of today's media luncheon concerning the dismissal of five players for violating team rules - that being leaving the team hotel without permission and purchasing alcohol. Edsall would not address the issue, but there were a handul of players preselected to speak to the media who didn't hold their feelings back.

Before I get to the quotes, I did get a good question from a poster that I will answer here...

Question: Chip, I know Edsall has been tightlipped about this whole incident. But did you ever get any indication as to why three of the players were allowed to play on Saturday?

My feeling, and this is my feeling only, is that those players were allowed to participate out of necessity. First off, Harold Stanback's involvement in the incident was not known until Sunday. It is believed he turned himself in, though that is unclear. So only Nollis Dewar and Ricky McCollum saw action against South Florida. Dewar played only on special teams. McCollum was pressed into action when Allan Barnes went out with an injury. Since Dahna Deleston was not with the team, Edsall's only other option at safety was freshman Robert Vaughn. It would have been exceedingly unfair to Vaughn to burn his redshirt season, a decision that drastically effects Vaughn's situation at UConn. So McCollum was inserted instead. Dewar was not allowed to play receiver, only special teams for much the same reasons. I can't fault Edsall at all for allowing they players to participate.

Check back soon, as I will post as many quotes as possible before carpal tunnel sets in...


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