Saturday, October 07, 2006

Postgame from Tampa


  • Trainers told Randy Edsall William Beatty likely broke something, though he will be reevaluated later. Expect Dan Ryan to play left tackle for a while.
  • Allan Barnes pulled a hamstring in the second quarter.
  • It looks like Graig Vicidomino will be kicking field goals for the forseeable future. Matt Nuzie just isn't getting the job done, Edsall said.
  • Edsall didn't feel the need to challenge the Darius Butler near interception in the third quarter because all plays are reviewed upstairs. He also said from his viewpoint it was a simultaneous catch by Butler and the receiver, which isn't an interception by rule.
  • Rhema Fuller told the media he takes full blame for the poor play of the defense. "I'm the captain of the defense and I'm the captain of the team. Two weeks in a row now we've lost the game for our team. It starts with me."

That's it for tonight.


Anonymous Alex said...


What else did Edsall say in the postgame? Surely he said more than that.

Sad to say it, but the focus must now becoming recruiting. This team requires a massive infusion of talent and perhaps a new mindset. Maybe play for the small things like 3 and outs and making some first downs.

I hope that the QBs we'll bring in are better than what we have now, and the kicker that committed sticks with the Huskies.

October 08, 2006 1:42 PM 

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