Friday, October 06, 2006

Welcome to Tampa, home of the Storm

Welcome to Tampa, City of Champions: Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, Arena Bowl.

So reads the billboard as you enter the city limits of Tampa, Fla. How does an arena football championship deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as two of the most prestigious sports titles in the world? The Tampa Bay Storm, pride of central Florida.

Anyway, I'm here. The one thing I hate about plane rides to Florida is they are usually filled with kids. Not that I don't like kids. But it got tiresome this morning sitting next to a hyperactive 7-year old who couldn't sit still and spent the 2 1/2 hour flight sneezing and opening and closing the window shade. In the row in front of me was a 2-year old who threw everything her mother handed her either in the aisle or in my lap (including her bib). Then there was the screaming 2-year old two rows in front. I did get a laugh when it was all over and I saw a poor little girl on the end of a leash tethered to her mom's suitcase while waiting on line at the car rental center. Cruel, yet comical.

But the weather's great, and they didn't even lose my bag. I saw a few fans with UConn football t-shirts in the hotel lobby, and I think the team is staying here as well. OK. It's 85 degrees and sunny. Time to eat and take a dip in the pool.


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