Tuesday, September 20, 2016

UConn's Mikal Myers: "A tough guy with character"

I'll have to give it to Mikal Myers for delivering some memorable quotes to the media at today's press conference.

It's been somewhat of a struggle to get stuff from players, even guys I've covered for three years or even longer as I am sure they have been well schooled on the tactic of saying as little as humanely possible to the media.

Yet, there was Myers taking a page out of the Bobby Puyol school of actually seeming to enjoy talking to the media and showing personality while doing so.

Before the senior defensive tackle came to the front of the room, UConn coach Bob Diaco didn't need much prodding to rave about one of the two defensive captains.

"A plus. I have always enjoyed him," Diaco said. "I love being on the team with him because he is animated. He is tough. He is a tough guy with character. What surprised me is how good and strong of a leader he is. He is a magnetic personality. He has a lot of friends and a lot of people who like him and you want to be around him because he is magnetic, he is fun, funny but the moments when he talks, everybody gets quiet and they listen to him."

Some of Myers best stuff came on his relationship with roommate and fellow starting defensive lineman Foley Fatukasi.

"We fight like brothers, we love each other like brothers also, it has been great to be around Foley," Myers said. "If he is eating too much food, we have to go to price chopper and buy more food. He wants thre bowls of cereal instead of one.

"When he first came in, he had 1,000 questions for and I said 'I am young too. I have only been here for one year.' We have grown a friendship that I am happy about and happy to be his friend, he is a goo all around game and I love him to death.

"He is not messy, he just moves so slow If you have to go somewhere, his 15 minutes is like an hour. He moves on his own time and it bugs me to death. He is from New York so I am like 'come on, we've got to go.'

"I should be the slower one, I am from upstate, he is actually from the city an he doesn't get it."

Myers also recalled playing a state championship game at the Carrier Dome when he was at Newburgh Free Academy.

"It was like a Super Bowl venue, bright lights and it is time to play football," Myers said. "It was the biggest place I played in to that date and it was super exciting for our school and our city."


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