Friday, September 16, 2016

UConn looking for faster starts

One of the trends I noticed from UConn's first two games is how well the Huskies play in the fourth quarter so I took some time trying to break down the statistics.

The first set of numbers that jump - and I do mean jump - out at me is that quarterback Bryant Shirreffs is 17 for 18 passing for 168 yards in the fourth quarter. The lone misfire was a slant attempt that was nearly hauled in by Noel Thomas against Maine.

Taking it a step further, UConn ranks 9th among 128 FBS teams with an average of 148 yards of total offense in the fourth quarter. Here's the breakdown with all the teams on the list having played two games except for Hawai'i which has three games played.

Team                Plays-Yd-Avg-TD
UCLA                54-403-7.5-4
TCU                   38-396-10.4-5
Purdue               50-386-7.7-4
Nebraska            43-350-8.2-7
Arizona St.         37-336-9.1-5
Wash. State        49-336-6.9-4
California           54-318-5.9-2
Missouri             48-307-6.4-2
UConn               45-296-6.6-1 
S. Alabama        48-289-6.0-2
Rutgers              44-283-6.4-3
Ohio                   40-275-6.9-3
Oregon               38-274-7.2-2
Ball State           37-273-7.4-3
Troy                   45-271-6.1-4
Texas Tech        41-270-6.6-4
Louisville          35-259-7.4-3
C. Michigan       25-258-10.3-4
Hawai'i              51-383-7.5-3
Clemson            45-250-5.6-3
A couple of notes worth mentioning. First, UConn joins Central Michigan, Louisville, Rutgers and UCLA as the only teams to average at least 125 yards of offense and less than 50 yards on defense in the fourth quarter while UConn is the only one of the 20 teams listed above not to have multiple offensive touchdowns in the fourth quarter. What all of this means tomorrow? Probably not a heck of a lot but perhaps some of you will find it interesting.

Here is a breakdown of how UConn fares in the American Athletic Conference

First quarter: 29 plays-89 yards (11th, ahead of only Tulane's 87 yards)
First half: 66 plays, 282 yards (11th , ahead of only Memphis' 172 yards)
Through three quarters: 89 plays, 420 yards (11th, ahead of only Memphis' 237 yards)

First quarter: 25 plays, 211 yards (10th, only UCF and Navy have given up more yards)
First half:  51 plays, 409 yards (10th, only SMU and East Carolina have given up more yards. UConn is last in yards per play allowed in both the first quarter and first half).
Through three quarters: 89 plays, 589 yards (8th).
Fourth quarter: 21 plays, 85 yards (3rd behind only Tulane and Memphis)


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