Saturday, September 10, 2016

Almost time to get rolling for UConn, Navy

It is about to become discovery time for the UConn football team.

I don't think I am exactly delivering stunning news to say that UConn would be wise to be a little better at getting off the field on third downs than in last year's meeting as Navy had scoring drives of 62, 85, 77 and 69 yards on the first five possessions in last year's game.

One of the major issues for the Huskies was how Navy was able to extend drives with third-down conversions as Navy converted on its first seven third down plays.

Here's the breakdown
Opening drive
3rd and 4 from UConn 34: Demond Brown 10 yard run
3rd and 2 from UConn 16: Offsides UConn
(Navy scored two plays later on Keenan Reynolds' 10-yard run)

2nd drive
Navy didn't need to run a third-down play as Navy scored on Reynolds' 19-yard pass to Jamir Tillman

3rd drive
3rd and 6 from Navy 44: Chris Swain 10-yard run
3rd and 1 from UConn 23: Dishan Romaine 3-yard run
3rd and 1 from UConn 11: Reynolds 7-yard run

4th drive
3rd and 4 from Navy 31:DeBrandon Sanders 7-yard run
3rd and 4 from Navy 44: Reynolds 11-yard pass to Dishan Romine
3rd and 8 from UConn 43: Reynolds tackled for 1-yard loss by Mikal Myers to set up punt

5th drive
3rd and 4 from UConn 38: Reynolds 10-yard run
(Navy would take 28-10 lead on Reynolds' 10-yard scoring run on first play of fourth quarter).

UConn held on the final three third down plays but it was too little too late.

With a much less experienced offensive unit (Tillman is the only projected offensive starter with more than five career starts) we'll have to see how well the Huskies do in forcing Navy to punt the ball.

There will be a live blog for today's game. Feel free to check it out.


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