Monday, August 01, 2016

Returning UConn plays bulking up

The main focus whenever UConn posts its fall roster is to report who is missing and if there are any surprise additions. However, it is impossible to compare the rosters from the end of the 2015 season and beginning of the 2016 campaign and not be struck by the gains and losses in the weight column.

If my math is correct, I count 15 returning players whose listed weight is at least 10 pounds heavier than it was in the game notes for the regular-season finale against Temple.

Leading the way is Ian Campbell, who is making the move from tight end to offensive line. He has added 28 pounds and is now at 287. Fellow offensive linemen Bryan Cespedes and Matt Peart are up 26 and 25 pounds respectively and perhaps no player's weight game caught my attention more than tight end Chris Lee who added 21 pounds to get to 273 while receiver Aaron McLean is now listed at 220 pounds after gaining 17 pounds. On the other side of things, defensive lineman Felton "Trey" Blackwell and quarterback Garrett Anderson each dropped 12 pounds. It should also be noted that running back Ron Johnson, who looked a step quicker during spring drills, had dropped six pounds.

The key to the weight gains and losses is that the change in bodies is not simply about adding or subtracting mass but doing so while lowering body-fat percentage.

There's no question that it should translate to better production on the field for not only the individual players but the offensive, defensive and special team units as well.

Here are the players who have put on the most weight using the Nov. 28 game notes and the roster posted earlier today

OL Ian Campbell 259 to 287 (28)
OL Bryan Cespedes 287 to 313 (26)
OL Matt Peart 279 to 304 (25)
TE Chris Lee 252 to 273 (21)
WR Aaron McLean 203 to 220 (17)
OL Tom Tabur 283 to 300 (17)
DL James Atkins 267 to 283 (16)
WR Bryan Coney 188 to 203 (15)
DL Sheriden Lawley 275 to 290 (15)
LB Connor Freeborn 241 to 255 (14)
DB John Robinson 181 to 195 (14)
OL Andreas Knappe 311 to 325 (14)
DB Marshe' Terry 192 to 206 (14)


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